The Opo-opo and I

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The Opo-opo and I
Required Fame Kazham Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Lulupp (Vuih Stecoppah), Kazham (G-7)
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title King of the Opo-opos
Repeatable No
Description The Opo-opo in Kazham love your new "fragrance." Bring them what they want--in the correct order-- and they will make you their king!
Previous Quest Next Quest
Even More Gullible's Travels Personal Hygiene


  • Once you have finished Even More Gullible's Travels and received the scent, speak to Lulupp for a cutscene.
  • You must trade these items in order to the following Opo-opo's:
Opo-opo Item Obtained
Lulupp (G-7) Broken Mithran Rod Purchased off the Auction House
Kukupp (I-11) Workbench Crafted or purchased off the Auction House
Mumupp (J-9) Ten of Coins Dropped off Ten of Coins (Monster)
Roropp (H-9) Sands of Silence Drops off Demon Magistrate and Demon Chancellor
Popopp (H-9) Wandering Bulb Drops off Utukku in Fei'Yin
Bubupp (I-8) Giant Fish Bones Drops off Tonberry Stalker
Tatapp (G-8) Blackened Toad Drops off Brook Sahagin
Kakapp (J-9) Wyvern Skull Drops off Hurricane Wyvern
Lalapp (F-9) Ancient Salt Drops off Sand Digger
Nenepp (I-11) Lucky Egg Drops off Knight Crawler in The Boyahda Tree


  • If you trade the items out of order, all progress is lost and you will have to start over from the beginning.
  • If you forget how far you are into the quest, simply chat with the Opo-opo's on the list. They will say "Opopopopo! Opop-opo! Opo-opo!" and do a /bow emote if you have already traded them the correct item.

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