The Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign Makes a Triumphant Return!

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Back by popular demand, we're proud to announce that the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign will launch on Thursday, December 18th, 2008. In this latest version of the campaign, the types of characters that can be restored have been vastly expanded! Also, these characters will be able to enjoy the benefits of the previous campaign by receiving the ever-popular Anniversary Ring.

There's never been a better time to dust off your armor, sharpen that sword, collect a free Anniversary Ring, and get back in the chocosaddle again! Don't miss out!

What Is the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign?

Designed specifically for those out there thinking of making a comeback to the online universe that is Vana'diel, the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign is a limited-time opportunity for players to restore their characters to their past glory! Applications made during the established time frame will see their characters restored in full and exactly as they left them. Better yet, they will be immediately capable of embarking on new adventures!

Anniversary Rings Available for a Limited Time Only

After the character has been restored and logged into the game, an Anniversary Ring will be made available through the method described below. The window to obtain the ring is as follows:

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 through to Wednesday, April 14th, 2009. The distribution of the rings will end at the same time the campaign does so be sure to pick up your ring before it's too late!

Anniversary Ring Eligibility

Only characters fulfilling the following two conditions will be eligible to receive an Anniversary Ring:

- Characters who did not receive an Anniversary Ring during the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign in May 2008. - Characters who were created before Wednesday, May 28, 2008 and have logged into the game at least once since then.

  • Note: Characters meeting the above requirements are able to receive an Anniversary Ring even without participating in the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign.

How to Obtain Your Ring

After making sure that you have at least one free space in your Gobbiebag, simply go and talk to any of the moogles located in the areas listed below:

Port San d'Oria (J-10) / Port Bastok (J-13) / Windurst Walls (C-14)

The Fine Print

- Although the campaign will welcome any player wishing to return to Vana'diel, the Anniversary Ring will only be available for a limited time. Therefore, it is possible that some campaign participants will be unable to receive a ring. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

- Characters that have obtained an Anniversary Ring as part of the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign in May 2008 will be unable to acquire another ring, even if they return to FINAL FANTASY XI as part of the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign.

- Used Anniversary Rings cannot be recharged during the campaign. Disposal of a ring will not enable a player to acquire another.

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