The Root of the Problem

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The Root of the Problem
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 50+ Black Mage
Starting NPC Chumimi - Heavens Tower
Pack None
Title Paragon of Black Mage Excellence
Repeatable Yes, after Memory reset
Description The cause of the star trees' poor growth seems to lie in the Toraimarai Canal. First, bring some silk cloth to Profressor Koru-Moru so he can improve his magic doll. Then take the magic doll into the Toraimarai Canal to carry out an inspection.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Recollections None
Wizard's Petasos


  • Begin quest by speaking with Chumimi as Black Mage in the basement of Heavens Tower, in Windurst.
  • After the cutscene, trade a Silk Cloth to Koru-Moru (E-7) in Windurst Walls. Return to Chumimi afterwards to recieve the key item "Sluice Surveyor Mk. I".
  • Speak to Chumimi again to obtain "Sluice Surveyor Mk. I".
  • For next portion, Manafont is required, so make sure you are on Black Mage.
  • Go to Toraimarai Canal
  • You'll need to find two ??? points. You must examine the point when it is in front of you. If you are too far away or on the opposite side of the concrete grate, you will receive a message that you cannot examine further.
    • First point is in the North-east corner of (H-7) (map 1) (From Survival Guide follow left wall until you come to a grate blocking path. "???" Will be right there.)
    • Second point is in (I-9) (map 1)
  • For *ONE* of those points, you'll get a cutscene, then be asked for "the Mage's black power". Use Manafont, then check the ??? again for another cutscene.
    • This is usually the second point you examine, however there is anecdotal evidence that the first point can require it too.
  • For the remaining portion of the quest you do NOT need to be on Black Mage.
  • Go to (J-8) and click on the ??? for a cutscene and to pop Magic Sludge, a Dark Elemental NM.
    • NM is highly resistant to physical damage and magic to a lesser extent
  • If there are multiple BLMs in the same party, the NM kill credit will only go to whoever initiates the CS to pop it.
    • There is a 3 minute waiting period before another NM can be spawned after it is killed.
  • Click ??? again for another cutscene
  • Go back to Chumimi for final cutscene and reward.

  • The following steps are optional.
  • Speak to Kupipi in Heavens Tower to receive an earthen charm.
  • Travel to Inner Horutoto Ruins and go through the Sealed Portal at the Gate of the Three Mages.
    • Alternately, if you possess a Rhinostery certificate, you can enter Toraimarai Canal to get to this section of Inner Horutoto Ruins.
    • The quickest way to finish this cutscene, is to use the Survival Guide teleport. It places you right outside of the zone to the ruins. This is right by the Gate of Earth.
  • Examine the Gate of Earth at (I-7) for a cutscene.

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