The Setting Sun

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The Setting Sun
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: 5
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Vamorcote, Northern San d'Oria (F-5)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Retrieve the key to a document box holding a copy of the castle floor plans. The key was buried long ago on a small island to the south of Batallia Downs.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Blackmail None
Engraved Key
10,000 gil


  • Speak to Vamorcote to begin this quest.
  • Head to the island in Batallia Downs (J-11).
    • The only way to get to the island is to first go through The Eldieme Necropolis.
    • Enter The Eldieme Necropolis from (I-10) Batallia Downs.
    • Once inside hug the South side until you reach a large room at (G-9). Fall through the grave in the center of this room.
      • To reach the room at (G-9) you will need to bring someone to operate the gates for you.
      • Monsters after the drop now aggro level 99 characters, sneak is recommended.
    • Follow the path South until you exit onto the island in Batallia Downs.
  • On this island is an NM named Ahtu.
  • Defeat Ahtu to obtain an Engraved Key.
  • Trade the Engraved Key to Vamorcote to complete this quest.

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