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The Temple of Uggalepih

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The Temple of Uggalepih
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC None
Title Bearer of the Wisewoman's Hope
Repeatable No
Description The Temple of Uggalepih is an ancient place where it is said that evil deities were once worshipped. Gilgamesh has ordered you to travel there and search out a strange, old hermit.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Kazham's Chieftainess Headstone Pilgrimage
Dark fragment


  • You can skip right to the BCNM fight if you have Den of Rancor Home Point #1
  • Enter the Temple from the main entrance in Yhoator Jungle.
  • Make your way to the northwestern exit at (F-5).
  • Enter the temple again from (H-11) and work your way down to the Temple Guardian at (I-10).
  • Go ahead to (I-7). The door is on the far side of the room. Whoever has the Paintbrush needs to stand at the empty frame in the middle of the wall. Everyone else wait by the door.
    • To use the Paintbrush, check the frame. You should get a message saying "a new painting begins to appear on the canvas". Wait 30 seconds and check it again. You should get another message about the Den of Rancor and the door will open.
    • The person who is checking the frame cannot be aggroed or acted on during these 30 seconds, otherwise you'll have to start over.
  • Enter the Den of Rancor. Everyone will need Sneak and Invisible (Status).
  • Head to (E-5). Once clear of the bomb mobs there, drop Invisible and trade your Unlit Lantern to the Altar of Rancor. You will receive a Rancor Flame.
  • Run to (F-7) and drop down the hole in the northeast corner. Make your way to (E-5) on this new map.
  • Consider clearing the room, as you'll need to trade the Rancor Flame to the four lanterns.
    • It is hard to trade while being attacked.
    • Alternately you can just round them up and sleep them, trade and run through the gate, as the zone is right ahead.

Den of Rancor map 1
Den of Rancor map 2

Boss Fight

  • Inside, gather up and prepare. You will now enter an uncapped BCNM against 3 Tonberry NMs. Buff inside, as they'll wear upon entering the BC.
  • Once you've cleared the BC, you'll get a cutscene. Afterwards, you'll exit on the other side of the Sacrificial Chamber, that will lead you back out to the Temple.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Sacrificial Chamber Grav'iton (THF), Molyb'iton (BLM), and Tungs'iton (SMN)
  • It is recommended to kill in the order of THF > BLM > SMN
  • Grav'iton cannot be slept, and therefore should be defeated first. Silence and Sleep the other two.
  • Grav'iton can use Everyone's Rancor, which does 10 times the damage of Everyone's Grudge. A tank can very easily be killed by this if they have significant rancor.
  • The Summoner will have a pet, but that does not indicate what avatar it will use for Astral Flow. Kill him quickly to try and avoid it. It probably won't kill you if it does use it, but it will cause you some issues. Make sure everyone has full HP before attacking it.

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