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The Wyrmking Descends

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Riverne - Site B01 header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Riverne - Site B01 Level Restriction: 75
Entry Item: Monarch's Orb icon.png Monarch's Orb Participation: 18 Members
Entry Currency: Key Item Time Limit: 60 Minutes Minutes


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Bahamut 1 Avatar  ??? ~25000HP

Spells: See Notes


Ouryu 1 Wyrm Paladin Spells:


Jormungand 1 Wyrm Dark Knight Spells:


Tiamat 1 Wyrm Warrior Spells:


Vrtra 1 Wyrm Beastmaster Spells:



  • Trade a Monarch's Orb to the Unstable Displacement (E-7) to enter this fight.
  • Bahamut is much stronger then he was in Storms of Fate.
    • He has an Auto-Regen and access to Cure V.
    • He can be slept and stuned, but he will quickly build up resistance to both.
    • He retains all his TP moves from Storms of Fate and gains new ones.
      • Horrible Roar: Large AoE + dispel including food.
      • Impulsion: AoE damage + Petrify, Blind and Knockback.
      • Megaflare: Used at around 80% health, does 850 AoE fire damage. He will speak in say just before using this move.
      • Gigaflare: Used around 60%, does 1200 AoE fire damage. He will speak in say just before using this move.
      • Teraflare: Used multiple times at around 10% health, does 1800 AoE fire damage. He will speak in say just before using this move.
    • Gear with Fire resistance will help reduce damage on his flare moves.
  • At 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% HP, he will summon another Wyrm to help him.
    • The Wyrm's are all much weaker versions of them selves. They have only around 7,000 HP each.
    • Vrtra is the most dangerous Wyrm summoned in this fight because it can Charm players multiple times and can summon Undead monsters to it's aid.
    • The order in which he summons the Wyrm's is random.

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