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Through the Quicksand Caves

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Through the Quicksand Caves
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description You must hurry to Zepwell's Island's ancient temple.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Headstone Pilgrimage The Chamber of Oracles


Note: You'll need to step on pads that require a certain weight. You'll either need 1 Galka, 3 Tarutaru or any combination of 2 of Hume/Elvaan/Mithra. (Optional: Go to Eastern Altepa Desert, and complete the quest Open Sesame for the key item Loadstone, allowing you to pass through the doors alone.)

  • Ensure everyone is on the mission "Through the Quicksand Caves". If not, they have not properly completed the previous mission, check key items to see which is missing.
  • You'll want a party of level 65+. You will be entering a BCNM fight against 3 Antica NMs, who all have a TP attack that will Silence (Jamming Wave), mages should all bring Echo Drops.
  • Head for a tunnel at (C-11) in Western Altepa Desert. Follow this outside to an unmarked area of the desert. Head down the ramp to (D-12) and enter Quicksand Caves.
    • Everything here aggros sound, so make sure everyone gets Sneak.
  • Go to (I-9) and step on the weight pad and go through the door.
  • Go west to (H-7) and use another weight pad to pass through a door.
  • In the next room, drop down the hole to a hidden area.
  • Head to (D-4) to zone in to the Chamber of Oracles.
Quicksand Caves map 5

Boss Fight

  • Get ready and enter the BCNM. You'll be facing 3 Antica NMs
    • A dual boxed 75 BLM, 75 WHM and 75 THF/NIN can easily beat this BCNM. THF only took damage from occasional RNG attacks, and Magnetic cloud.
  • Upon clearing the BC, you'll zone in to another area of the Chamber of Oracles, which starts the next mission.
Area Boss Abilities Notes
Chamber of Oracles Centurio V-III (PLD), Triarius V-VIII (BLM), and Princeps V-XI (RNG)
  • Recommended to fight in order of PLD > BLM > RNG.
  • Open with a Sleepga, and then Silence the Paladin and the Black Mage. Defeat the Paladin first, as he can rebuff the others, as well as wake them up. Keep the BLM silenced, to render its 2hr useless. Finally, defeat the RNG, but be careful of Eagle Eye Shot.

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