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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Delivers an area attack. Additional effect duration varies with TP. Additional effect: Weakens defense.
Available Level 97
Type Blunt Physical Number of Hits 1
MP Cost 108 MP Cast Time 1 second
Unbridled Learning Recast Time 30 seconds
Target AoE Range
Stat Bonus
Additional Effects Defense Down Duration 90~120 seconds
Monster Type Arcana Monster Family Khimaira
Spell Mechanics
WSC% 25% STR 25% MND
fTP 4.0
Skillchain Properties Light Light / Fragmentation Fragmentation
Volatile Enmity Cumulative Enmity


Spell Obtainment

Only used when a Khimaira's wings are raised. Critical hits have a chance of lowering their wings.

Learned from: Khimaira Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 379+
Monster Level Zone Map
Khimaira   Caedarva Mire
 Timed Spawn 48-72 hours. Spawns at (I-7/8) of Hediva Isle.
Caedarva Mire-map4.jpgcenter link=
Khimaira   Nyzul Isle Investigation
 Possible spawn on floors 60, 80, 100.
AlzadaalRemnantsPortals.jpgcenter link=
Tyger   Caedarva Mire
 Zeni NM
Caedarva Mire-map3.jpgcenter link=
Khimaira 14X   Ilrusi Atoll
 Captain Rank Assault - Bellerophon's Bliss
Arrapago Reef-map2.jpgcenter link=
Mired Khimaira   Hall of Ki
 First wave guaranteed, possible spawn on 3rd wave or higher.
Rolanberry Fields-map.jpgcenter link=

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