Treasures of the Earth

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Treasures of the Earth
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 99 Geomancer
Starting NPC Sylvie, Western Adoulin (I-5)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Lifecycler (Level 135 fight only)
Repeatable Yes
Description Sylvie still has lingering doubts about her father. Meet up with her in Morimar Basalt Fields for moral support.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Geomancer Relic Armor None


La Theine Plateau Option

Konschtat Highlands Option

Tahrongi Canyon Option

  • Go to the Crag of Mea (I-6) in Tahrongi Canyon and check the Ergon Locus ??? underneath the Telepoint. You will lose your Mea crystal of flames.
  • This is a solo fight for Geomancers only. Neither Trusts nor Fellows are allowed. Buffs and TP will be reset. The time limit for this fight is 3 minutes.
  • Your enemy for this fight is the Content Level 135 version of Otherworldly Rimester, a Ghost.
  • He has access to numerous Bard songs including: Horde Lullaby II, Dragonfoe Mambo, Magic Finale, Massacre Elegy, Valor Minuet V, Foe Requiem VII, *Victory March and perhaps others.
  • His TP moves are Dark Sphere, Fear Touch, Ectosmash and Terror Touch. Dark Sphere is the most dangerous and the only one that shadows will not absorb.
  • He appears to have a rotating elemental vulnerability but the pattern it follows, if there is a pattern, is currently unknown. Three or four tier 3+ nukes hitting his weakness should be enough to kill him. With the pattern unknown, this is a heavily luck based fight. When you hit a weakness I suggest immediately following up with another nuke of the same element. Often this will also do full damage.
  • Your reward is 1 Codex of Etchings and a random assortment of 10 of the following items: Fiendish Skin, Siren's Hair, Arachne Thread, Khroma Ore and Star Sapphire.
  • If you fail you must return to Sylvie for a new Mea crystal of flames. You can retry as often as you want until you win.

Finishing Up

  • Return to Sylvie. You will obtain Treatise on azimuth clothcraft.
  • Talk to Wescolina (H-7).
  • Talk to Helina (H-9), located inside the Weaver's Guild in Selbina.
  • Wait until the next game day, then talk to Helina for your reward: 15000 XP and Azimuth Coat.
  • To repeat the quest fight after successful completion, speak to Sylvie to receive a new Key Item. She likely gives a new KI once per Earth day, or once per Conquest Tally.Information Needed

For the Rest of the Set

  • Speak to Helina in Selbina to commission additional armor pieces.
  • You have the option to either bring certain materials to her, or an amount of H-P Bayld.
  • After turning in the items to her for a piece, you are given a temporary key item order slip. Return the following game day to claim your armor and start your next piece.
Geomancer Empyrean Armor
Armor Ingredients Key Item
Azimuth Hood
Azimuth Hood icon.pngAzimuth Hood description.png
-Or Trade-
Order slip: azimuth hood
Azimuth Gloves
Azimuth Gloves icon.pngAzimuth Gloves description.png
-Or Trade-
Order slip: azimuth gloves
Azimuth Tights
Azimuth Tights icon.pngAzimuth Tights description.png
-Or Trade-
Order slip: azimuth tights
Azimuth Gaiters
Azimuth Gaiters icon.pngAzimuth Gaiters description.png
-Or Trade-
Order slip: azimuth gaiters

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