Trial by Water

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Trial by Water
Required Fame Outlands Fame Level: 4
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Edal-Tahdal, Norg (H-9)
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title Heir of the Great Water
Repeatable Yes
Description Ring the tuning fork of water upon the protocrystal in the Den of Rancor. A path will open to the trial that awaits.
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Map A
Map B
Map C
Map D


  • Up to 6 party members can enter the arena.
  • Each party member must have their own Tuning fork of water.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes.
  • You can only select one of the rewards Edal-Tahdal offers at any time.
  • You may repeat this quest once per Earth day.
  • You can save yourself a lot of time traveling to the Cloister by using the Mini Fork of Wtr. given by the quest Trial-Size Trial by Water. You must be on Summoner as your main job, and obtain the Mini Tuning Fork from Verctissa, trade the fork back to Verctissa, but enter the Protocrystal normally. So long as you do not clear the level 20 version of the BC, you may warp to the Cloister as many times as you wish.
  • You may also choose to retain the whisper in order to complete the requirements for this quest: The Moonlit Path.

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