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Category:Trial of the Magians Daggers

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Physical Trials

Peeler Renegade description.png Kartika description.png Twashtar (Level 99) description.png

Trial 2: Nocuous Weapon x3

Trial 3: Black Triple Stars x3
Trial 4: Serra x3

Trial 5: Bugbear Strongman x4
Trial 6: La Velue x4
Trial 7: Hovering Hotpot x4
Trial 8: Yacumama x6
Trial 9: Feuerunke x6
Trial 1092: Tammuz x8

Trial 1093: Trade.pngGlavoid Shell x50
Trial 1886: Trade.pngItzpapa. Scale x50
Trial 2283: Trade.pngOrthrus's Claw x75
Trial 2716: Trade.pngHeavy Metal x1500
Trial 3179: Trade.pngRiftdross x60
Trial 3592: Trade.pngRiftdross x3000

Khandroma description.png

Trial 1094: Trade.pngCoin of Birth x30
Trial 1887: Trade.pngKindred's Crest x20
Trial 2284: Trade.pngHigh Kindred Crest x50
Trial 2717: Trade.pngDevious Die x100
Trial 3180: Trade.pngLiminal Residue x100

Athame description.png Praxidikai description.png

Trial 10: Arcanas x400
Trial 11: Hippogryphs x300

Trial 12: Trade.pngEye of Verthandi x10
Trial 1095: Trade.pngChukwa's Egg x10

Trial 1096: Trade.pngCuelebre's Horn x20
Trial 1888: Trade.pngDaybreak Souls x30
Trial 2285: Trade.pngIncrescent Souls x50
Trial 2718: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x150
Trial 3181: Trade.pngRiftsand x150

Occ. atk. twice

Trial 13: Amorphs x500
Trial 14: Plantoids x600
Trial 15: Peistes x400
Trial 1097: Dragon x600

Trial 1098: Buffalo x450
Trial 1889: Arcana x700
Trial 2286: Lizards x700
Trial 2719: Beasts x700
Trial 3182: Amorphs x700

Occ. atk. 2-4 times

Trial 1099: Adze x30
Trial 1890: Trade.pngTwilight Souls x20
Trial 2287: Trade.pngDecrescent Souls x50
Trial 2720: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x200
Trial 3183: Trade.pngRiftsand x200


Elemental Trials

Peeler Dakini description.png Thokcha description.png

Trial 16: Rabbits x50
Weather: Element: FireElement: IceElement: WindElement: EarthElement: ThunderElement: WaterElement: LightElement: Dark

Trial 17: Crabs x50
Weather: Element: FireElement: WindElement: ThunderElement: Light

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 18: Any monster x50
Trial 19: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 20: Beasts x100
Trial 21: Flans x200
Trial 1100: Vermin x200
Trial 1101: Manticores x250

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 1891: BirdsT x300
Trial 2288: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x15
Trial 2721: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x40
Trial 3184: Trade.pngIfritite x15

STR+11, Attack+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 22: Aquans x200
Trial 23: Tigers x250
Trial 1102: Hecteyes x250
Trial 1103: Doomed x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1892: Opo-Opos x350
Trial 2289: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x15
Trial 2722: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x40
Trial 3185: Trade.pngIfritite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Weakens Attack+16

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 24: Any monster x50
Trial 25: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 26: BirdsT x150
Trial 27: Morbols x200
Trial 1104: Beasts x200
Trial 1105: Puks x250

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 1893: Plantoids x300
Trial 2290: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x15
Trial 2723: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x40
Trial 3186: Trade.pngGarudite x15

AGI+11, Evasion+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 28: Arcana x200
Trial 29: Sheep x250
Trial 1106: Evil Weapons x250
Trial 1107: Leeches x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1894: Spiders x350
Trial 2291: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x15
Trial 2724: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x40
Trial 3187: Trade.pngGarudite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Impairs Evasion+16

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 30: Any monster x50
Trial 31: Plantoids x75

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 32: Arcana x100
Trial 33: Qutrubs x200
Trial 1108: LizardsT x200
Trial 1109: Golems x250

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 1895: Beasts x300
Trial 2292: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x15
Trial 2725: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x40
Trial 3188: Trade.pngRamuite x15

DEX+11, Accuracy+16

Trigger added effect:
Trial 34: Vermin x200
Trial 35: Dhalmels x250
Trial 1110: Worms x250
Trial 1111: Wyverns x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1896: Sheep x350
Trial 2293: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x15
Trial 2726: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x40
Trial 3189: Trade.pngRamuite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Lowers Acc+16

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 36: Any monster x50
Trial 37: Amorphs x50

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 38: Vermin x75
Trial 39: Aerns x125
Trial 1112: Beasts x125
Trial 1113: Xzomit x150

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 1897: BirdsT x150
Trial 2294: Trade.pngLight Geodes x15
Trial 2727: Trade.pngLight Geodes x40
Trial 3190: Trade.pngCarbite x15

CHR+11, Magic Evasion+16

Trigger added effect:
Trial 40: Dragons x200
Trial 41: LizardsF x250
Trial 1114: Beetles x250
Trial 1115: Manticores x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1898: Mandragora x350
Trial 2295: Trade.pngLight Geodes x15
Trial 2728: Trade.pngLight Geodes x40
Trial 3191: Trade.pngCarbite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Evasion+16

Trial 42: Hecteyes x50
Weather: Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 43: Any monster x50
Trial 44: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 45: Undead x100
Trial 46: Worms x200
Trial 1116: LizardsT x200
Trial 1117: Buffalo x250

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 1899: DemonsT x300
Trial 2296: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x15
Trial 2729: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x40
Trial 3192: Trade.pngShivite x15

INT+11, Magic Attack Bonus+11

Trigger added effect:
Trial 47: Beasts x200
Trial 48: Spiders x250
Trial 1118: Magic Pots x250
Trial 1119: Crawlers x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1900: Funguars x350
Trial 2297: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x15
Trial 2730: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x40
Trial 3193: Trade.pngShivite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Attack+16

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 49: Any monster x50
Trial 50: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 51: Undead x100
Trial 52: Sabotenders x200
Trial 1120: LizardsT x200
Trial 1121: Rafflesia x250

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 1901: Aquans x300
Trial 2298: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x15
Trial 2731: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x40
Trial 3194: Trade.pngTitanite x15

VIT+11, Physical Damage Taken-11%

Trigger added effect:
Trial 53: Plantoids x200
Trial 54: Crabs x250
Trial 1122: Mandragora x250
Trial 1123: Evil Weapons x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1902: Hounds x350
Trial 2299: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x15
Trial 2732: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x40
Trial 3195: Trade.pngTitanite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Weakens Defense+16

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 55: Any monster x50
Trial 56: Beasts x75

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 57: Amorphs x100
Trial 58: Goobbues x200
Trial 1124: Undead x200
Trial 1125: Coeurls x250

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 1903: Beasts x300
Trial 2300: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x15
Trial 2733: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x40
Trial 3196: Trade.pngLeviatite x15

MND+11, Magic Defense Bonus+11

Trigger added effect:
Trial 59: Dragons x200
Trial 60: Worms x250
Trial 1126: Spiders x250
Trial 1127: Bombs x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1904: Bees x350
Trial 2301: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x15
Trial 2734: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x40
Trial 3197: Trade.pngLeviatite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Defense+16

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 61: Any monster x50
Trial 62: Aquans x50

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 63: Amorphs x75
Trial 64: Ahrimans x125
Trial 1128: Plantoids x125
Trial 1129: Evil Weapons x150

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 1905: Undead x300
Trial 2302: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x15
Trial 2735: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x40
Trial 3198: Trade.pngFenrite x15

MP+100, Magic Accuracy+16

Trigger added effect:
Trial 65: Amorphs x200
Trial 66: Mandragoras x250
Trial 1130: Coeurls x250
Trial 1131: Opo-opo x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 1906: Crawlers x350
Trial 2303: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x15
Trial 2736: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x40
Trial 3199: Trade.pngFenrite x15

DMG+1, Delay+5
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Accuracy+16

Weaponskill Trials

Fusetto description.png Fusetto +1 description.png Centovente description.png

Trial 1133: Shadowstitch x100
Trial 1134: Viper Bite x200
Trial 1135: Beasts - Cyclone x300

Trial 1136: Plantoids - Evisceration x500
Trial 1907: LizardsT - Evisceration killing blows x300

Trial 2304: Vermin - Weapon Skill killing blow x300

Trial 2737: Arcana - Weapon Skill killing blow x300
Trial 3200: Amorphs - Weapon Skill killing blow x300

DMG+2, Weapon Skill Damage+10%
Trial 2305: Arcana - Weapon Skill for >400 damage x500

Trial 2738: Beasts - Weapon Skill for >400 damage x500
Trial 3201: Aquans - Weapon Skill for >400 damage x500

TP Bonus +100

Trial 1137: Vermin - Any Weapon Skill x800
Trial 1908: Crawlers - Any Weapon Skill x800

Trial 2306: Evil Weapons - Any Weapon Skill x800

Trial 2739: Doll - Any Weapon Skill x800
Trial 3202: Category:Hill LizardF - Any Weapon Skill x800

DMG+2, Store TP+15

Relic/Mythic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Mandau (Level 75) description.png Trial 991: Beasts - Mercy Stroke x200

Mercy Stroke killing blow:
Trial 992: Vermin x200
Trial 1818: PlantoidsT x300
Trial 1819: BirdsT x300
Trial 2249: DragonsT x400
Monster kills with weapon equipped:
Trial 2660: Quiebitiel x5
Trial 3093: Animated Dagger x10
Trial 3556: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x5
Trial 3606: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x250

Mandau (Level 99 II) description.png
Vajra (Level 75) description.png

Trial 994: VerminT - Mandalic Stab x200
Mandalic Stab killing blow:
Trial 995: UndeadT x200
Trial 1820: Aquans x300
Trial 1821: DragonsT x300
Trial 2250: Plantoids x400
Monster kills with weapon equipped:
Trial 2661: Tinnin x3
Trial 3094: Armored Chariot x3
Trial 3557: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3607: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Vajra (Level 99 II) description.png
Carnwenhan (Level 75) description.png

Trial 997: Amorphs - Mordant Rime x200
Mordant Rime killing blow:
Trial 998: BirdsT x200
Trial 1822: Beasts x300
Trial 1823: Amorphs x300
Trial 2251: LizardsT x400
Monster kills with weapon equipped:
Trial 2662: Tinnin x3
Trial 3095: Long-Bowed Chariot x3
Trial 3558: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3608: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Carnwenhan (Level 99 II) description.png
Terpsichore (Level 75) description.png

Trial 1000: Undead - Pyrrhic Kleos x200
Pyrrhic Kleos killing blow:
Trial 1001: Aquans x200
Trial 1824: BirdsT x300
Trial 1825: Arcana x300
Trial 2252: Beasts x400
Monster kills with weapon equipped:
Trial 2663: Tyger x3
Trial 3096: Long-Armed Chariot x3
Trial 3559: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3609: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Terpsichore (Level 99 II) description.png
  • T refers to a type. i.e. DemonsT, consisting of Demons, Ahrimans, Imps, etc.
  • F refers to a family For example: DemonsF only involves Demons, not Ahrimans, Imps or others of the same type.
  • JA refers to both juvenile and adult forms of the family. For example: Treants include Saplings, Wamouras include Wamouracampas.

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