Trial of the Magians to Usher in Additions, Improvements (08/20/2010)

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Are you one of the many adventurers testing your limits through Trial of the Magians? If so, you'll be pleased to know that a host of additions and improvements are on the way, promising to make this system more rewarding than ever!

Introduction of Armor Trials

Image08-20-2010 0.jpg
To this point, Trial of the Magians has focused on the enhancement of weapons. New trials to be introduced in the coming version update, however, will be centered on a new series of armor that will be obtainable in Abyssea. A unique set will exist for each job, and when augmented through trials, their powers will truly be a sight to behold!

Additional Weapon Trials

Image08-20-2010 1.jpg
Along with the all-new armor trials, additional weapon trials will also see their debut. Through these, weapons obtained via past trials, including Empyrean weapons, may be augmented to heretofore-uncharted levels of power. These weapons will not only boast improved attributes, but also allow their wielders to unleash new weapon skills.

The Marvelous Magian Spectacles

Is there anything these stylish and practical specs can't do? With the next version update, the tome summoned forth by this item will provide you with a two-day weather forecast for your current area.

Objective Adjustments

The objectives of certain trials, including monster types, weather/weekday conditions and finishing blows are scheduled to receive refinements.

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