Trinket for the Tyrant

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Trinket for the Tyrant.jpg
Trinket for the Tyrant
Required Fame Other Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Green Thumb Moogle, Mog Garden
Pack None
Title Novice Nurseryman
Repeatable No
Description Now Monsieur Kupont's villainous friend Kupivolo is joining the fray in the Adoulin Islands. Placate this pernicious patron by acquiring some article of note within the Mog Garden.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Courtesy Crustacean Hypnotic Hospitality
Glass pendulum
Flask of Grow-M-Good


After completing Mog Garden activities for 9 days, you will be cleared on the 10th day for this quest. You must enter the Mog Garden at least once per Earth day for that day to add a star to your GPS crystal and count towards the total.


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