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Location: Vana'diel Tribune II
Type: Historical Figure
Description: The Founder


From Vana'diel Tribune II Page 4

274 - 298

The Star Sibyl at the dawn of the Magic Age, reigning from 290 to 298.

At three years old, she unconsciously cast her first black magic spell, unwittingly incinerating her own home. She was then summoned as an apprentice scribe into the service of Tabilolo, the Star Sibyl of the time. Upon Tabilolo's passing in 290, Tukuku was named to succeed her as Star Sibyl.

However, not one Tarutaru chieftain attended the rite of succession; the advent of magic had escalated conflicts between the tribes to new heights.

In 294, Tukuku appeared at the site of a major battle between two tribal alliances, and cast a powerful spell that stunned both sides of the conflict. She then gathered all of the chieftains and strongly urged them to unite as one nation. Thus after three days and three nights of negotiations, the Federation of Windurst came into being.

To the lament of many, Tukuku passed away soon afterwards, in 298.

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