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Ultimate Terror

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Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Dark-SMN-Icon.gifDiabolosDiabolos
Level Obtained: 37
Description: Decreases attributes of enemies within area of effect.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Ward
MP Cost: 27
Base Duration:  ?
Range 10' centered on Diabolos
Command: /pet "Ultimate Terror" <t>


  • As stated by the help text, this steals stats from multiple targets (if in range) at once.
  • It is equivalent to absorb stat spells, except that it is AoE and steals 0-7 stats at random rather than just 1. As such those stats are added to Diabolos, but it is untested on what happens if you steal the same stat from multiple enemies (such as if they are added together or not), or if there is a cap on how much is absorbed.
  • Each enemy has it's own random amount of stats absorbed (i.e. It doesn't decide the random number of stats to absorb for the spell but per target).
  • It is reported the absorbed attributes decay over time, and start at 21 points.
  • 10' range as of the Sep 6 2016 Version Update

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