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Category:Unity Accessories

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Were you looking for Unity Weapons or Unity Armor?

"Level 119" Equipment

Item Description Base Item Materials Unity Accolades NM Slot
Acuity Belt +1 28430 description.png Acuity Belt 50 x Clump Of Joyous Green's Moss 10000 Joyous Green Waist
Apeile Ring +1 27561 description.png Apeile Ring 50 x Immanibugard's Hide 10000 Immanibugard Ring
Arete Del Luna +1 28487 description.png Arete del Luna 50 x Veloz's Needle 10000 Cactrot Veloz Earring
Aurist's Cloak +1 27620 description.png Aurist's Cloak 50 x V. Cluster's Ash 10000 Volatile Cluster Back
Bathy Choker +1 27518 description.png Bathy Choker 50 x Bakunawa's Ink 10000 Bakunawa Neck
Cacoethic Ring +1 Cacoethic Ring +1 description.png Cacoethic Ring 50 x Vermillion's Wing 10000 Vermillion Fishfly Ring
Canto Necklace +1 28353 description.png Canto Necklace 50 x Clump Of Joyous Green's Moss 10000 Joyous Green Neck
Dominance Earring +1 Domin. Earring +1 description.png Dominance Earring 50 x Sovereign's Hide 10000 Sovereign Behemoth Earring
Fi Follet Cape +1 27610 description.png Fi Follet Cape 50 x Vidmapire's Claw 10000 Vidmapire Back
Gelatinous Ring +1 10769 description.png Gelatinous Ring 50 x Jar Of Garbage Gel's Mucus 10000 Garbage Gel Ring
Ghastly Tathlum +1 Ghastly Tathlum +1 description.png Ghastly Tathlum 50 x Specter's Ore 10000 Specter Worm Ammo
Grounded Mantle +1 27602 description.png Grounded Mantle 50 x Vial Of Lumber Jill's Spittle 10000 Lumber Jill Back
Handler's Earring +1 28491 description.png Handler's Earring 50 x Warblade Beak's Hide 10000 Warblade Beak Earring
Kentarch Belt +1 28413 description.png Kentarch Belt 50 x Centurio's Armor 10000 Centurio XX-I Waist
Loricate Torque +1 26002 description.png Loricate Torque 50 x Sovereign's Hide 10000 Sovereign Behemoth Neck
Lugra Earring +1 28482 description.png Lugra Earring 50 x Tiyanak's Fang 10000 Tiyanak Earring
Mephitas's Ring +1 Mephitas's Ring +1 description.png Mephitas's Ring 50 x Mephitas's Claw 10000 Mephitas Ring
Metamorph Ring +1 27563 description.png Metamorph Ring 50 x Samantha's vine 10000 Sybaritic Samantha Ring
Nourishing Earring +1 28485 description.png Nourish. Earring 50 x Intuila's Hide 10000 Intuila Earring
Odnowa Earring +1 Odnowa Earring +1 description.png Odnowa Earring 50 x Celine's Vine 10000 Carousing Celine Earring
Sailfi Belt +1 28428 description.png Sailfi Belt 50 x Emperor Arthro's Shell 10000 Emperor Arthro Waist
Shinjutsu-no-Obi +1 28424 description.png Shinjutsu-no-Obi 50 x Orcfeltrap's Leaf 10000 Orcfeltrap Waist
Seething Bomblet +1 Seeth. Bomblet +1 description.png Seething Bomblet 50 x G. Grenade's Ash 10000 Grand Grenade Ammo
Unmoving Collar +1 27509 description.png Unmoving Collar 50 x Samantha's vine 10000 Sybaritic Samantha Neck
Vim Torque +1 Vim Torque +1 description.png Vim Torque 50 x Thu'ban's Scale 10,000 Thu'ban Neck
Warder's Charm +1 27505 description.png Warder's Charm 50 x Largantua's Shard 10000 Largantua Neck
Zwazo Earring +1 Zwazo Earring +1 description.png Zwazo Earring 50 x Mhuufya's Beak 10000 Kubool Ja's Mhuufya Earring

Level 99 Equipment

Item Description Base Item Materials Unity Accolades NM Slot
Cloud Hairpin +1 28351 description.png Cloud Hairpin 30 x Serpopard Ninlil's Bone 5000 Serpopard Ninlil Neck

Level 98 and Lower Equipment

Item Description Base Item Materials Unity Accolades NM Slot
Dew Silk Cape +1 27599 description.png Dew Silk Cape 3 x Prickly Pitriv's Thread 1000 Prickly Pitriv Back

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