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A category of NPCs whose purpose is to upgrade specific gear obtained through the Unity system, and sell items for Unity Accolades.

Upgrades for items will require a certain amount of the requisite materials, a payment of accolades, and a game day to complete before.

NPC Locations

Zone Position Name
Southern San d'Oria (G-10) Urbiolaine
Bastok Markets (E-11) Igsli
Windurst Woods (J-10) Teldro-Kesdrodo
Windurst Woods (J-10) Yonolala
Western Adoulin (H-11) Nunaarl Bthtrogg

Upgrading Armor and Weapons

Upgrading armor and weapons to their HQ counterparts requires the appropriate normal quality piece, as well as the requisite number of of the materials:

  • Level 75 items - 3
  • Level 99 items - 30
  • Level 119 items and accessories - 50

There is also a fee of accolades after the items have been traded.

  • Level 75 items - 1,000
  • Level 99 items - 5,000
  • Level 119 items and accessories - 10,000

After trading the requisite NQ item and upgrade materials to the Unity NPC you must wait until the follow game day to receive the piece.

Items Available for Sale

Unity Shirts are available only for the Unity you are aligned to after a ranking period. They are purely cosmetic.

Item Price (Unity Accolades)
Refractive Crystal 15000
Special Gobbiedial Key 15000
Scroll Of Instant Warp 10
Scroll Of Instant Reraise 10
Scroll Of Instant Protect 10
Scroll Of Instant Shell 10
Moist Rolanberry 10
Clump Of Ravaged Moko Grass 10
Cavorting Worm 10
Pinch Of Levigated Rock 10
Little Lugworm 10
Training Manual 10
Pinch Of Prize Powder 10
Pieuje Unity Shirt 20,000
Ayame Unity Shirt 20,000
Invincible Shield Unity Shirt 20,000
Apururu Unity Shirt 20,000
Maat Unity Shirt 20,000
Aldo Unity Shirt 20,000
Jakoh Wahcondalo Unity Shirt 20,000
Naja Salaheem Unity Shirt 20,000
Flaviria Unity Shirt 20,000
Yoran-Oran Unity Shirt 20,000
Sylvie Unity Shirt 20,000

Special Materials Available for Sale

Unity Wanted Notorious Monsters that have been defeated are then eligible to have their upgrade item purchased.

Item Price (Unity Accolades)
Bounding Belinda's Hide 500
Harold Hugemaw's Red Ore 500
Prickly Pitriv's Thread 500
Ironhorn Baldurno's Horn 1,000
Strand of Sleepy Mabel's Fur 1,000
Serpopard Ninlil's Bone 1,000
Intuila's Hide 10,000
Lumber Jill's Spittle 10,000
Largantua's Shard 10,000
Douma Weapon's Shard 10,000
Vedrfolnir's Wing 10,000
Voso's Hide 10,000
Ayapec's Shell 10,000
Chunk of Specter's Ore 10,000
Stick of Ethereal Incense 10,000
Bakunawa's Ink 10,000
Centurio's Armor 10,000
Mhuufya's Beak 10,000
Vermillion Fishfly's Wing 10,000
G. Grenade's Ash 10,000
Sovereign Behemoth's Hide 10,000
Hidhaegg's Scale 10,000
Thu'ban's Scale 10,000
Sarama's Hide 10,000
Shedu's Mane 10,000

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