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Calendar-icon.gif This player has been playing FFXI since April 2004.
ServerIcon.png This player plays on the Pandemonium server.
Pearl 1001.jpg This player is a member of the linkshell HugsandCuddles.


Fire Staff icon.pngFire Staff description.png Bugard Strap +1 icon.pngBugard Strap +1 description.png Lamian Kaman icon.pngLamian Kaman description.png 32x32.png
Wlk. Chapeau +1 icon.pngWlk. Chapeau +1 description.png Enfeebling Torque icon.pngEnfeebling Torque description.png Phantom Earring icon.pngPhantom Earring description.png Phantom Earring icon.pngPhantom Earring description.png
Wlk. Tabard +1 icon.pngWlk. Tabard +1 description.png Marine M Gloves icon.pngMarine M Gloves description.png Tamas Ring icon.pngTamas Ring description.png Ether Ring icon.pngEther Ring description.png
Prism Cape icon.pngPrism Cape description.png Ocean Rope icon.pngOcean Rope description.png Nashira Seraweels icon.pngNashira Seraweels description.png Morrigan's Pgch. icon.pngMorrigan's Pgch. description.png


  • This user still has no Duelist's Chapeau, which causes him to cry himself to sleep every night.
  • This user needs to get back to work on the wiki.

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