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Hi! I do a lot of mass edits and that sometimes breaks things. If you happen upon any issues, or need to contact me for any other reason, leave a message here or PM me here. Thanks!


Version Update Changes

Monster Family Damage Multipliers


Dat Paths

Test Server Specific:

  • Armor 2: ROM/286/56
  • Adoulin Missions: ROM/270/33

Miscellaneous Misadventures

  • This is where I play around with random things. Enjoy. Or don't.

Not Spec

Yield Crystal Skill Requirements Materials
  NQ: Airlixir icon.png Airlixir
    HQ1: Airlixir icon.png Airlixir +1
    HQ2: Airlixir icon.png Airlixir +2
    HQ3: Airlixir icon.png Airlixir +3
CrystalCheck.png   Main Craft:
        Alchemy - (110)
  Support Craft:
        Goldsmithing - (60)
        Smithing - (60)

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