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From BG FFXI Wiki
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Well, well what have we here?

I'm the one on here responsible for most of the pretty stuff you'll find around here. Charts, set pages, random images, page formatting, etc.
I have an eye for graphic design and know how to code it!

Sometimes a chart or format can get pretty complicated, so if you're adding something but can't get it to either go where you want it, find where it need be, or compile how you want it to, just ask me about it.

Current List of Things Going on

  • Adjusting Artifact, Relic, and Empyrean set pages, category pages, and whatever else may be needed to the color schemes and formatting that the 119 pages have.
    • Expanding this to unify formatting to all set pages.
      • eg: some used DEF and others Defense, some will use MAB while others use "Magic Atk. Bonus" and even some write out "Magic Attack Bonus". Plus need to make sure links all go where they should. (Haste linking to Attack Speed, for instance, isn't uniformly linked.)
    • Relic is the current project
  • Finish adding augments to the Abjuration 75 and 119 set pages.
  • Update the login campaign page
  • Finish the Job Point page formatting.
    • There's a few ideas with nested charts for the gift chart... need to play around with it to see how it will look and render.
  • Adjust Trust Magic page.
    • Compile ability and acquisition data.
    • Finish sorting the Trusts by appropriate sections.
    • By Affiliation will be noncollapsible with Unity Trusts at the top, followed by the Nations, followed by RotZ and CoP, followed by ToAU, followed by WotG, followed by SoA, followed by Misc. All using color palettes from the in game icons.
  • Merge the disparate Fellow page into one super megapage... possibly a category page.
    • Add pretty images for all the gear sets that Fellows use. (working on that)

Color Schemes


A dark pastel blue with sky blue accent and pastel blue off color background, with beige borders.


Dark gray with purple accents and muted background color, reminiscent of Dynamis and the sky there.


Dark red with a brighter red for accents and the same muted background color, reminiscent of Abyssea's sky, with hex code pulled from a screenshot.


Black and "offwhite" backgrounds with dark gray accents.


The appropriate mix of colors for the backgrounds, with the red from the HNM and Eschan A.Abjuration- Hd. icon.png and the blue from the Legion C.Abjuration- Hd. icon.png being used for text color. (hexcode for those pulled from the icons too!)


Currently only applies to Eschan Abjuratory gear set pages and Relic Set pages, this pink, hexcode taken from Augment-Icon.png, used to denote the path differences and the colon.


Dark blue and cerulean main on light blue with green-blue pulled from Alexandrite icon.png for accents.

That's all y'all, Faerie Queen out♥!

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