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User:Kriz/Sandbox HWII

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Were you looking for Head Wind?

Battlefield Information
Location: Boneyard Gully Level Restriction: Uncapped
Entry Item: Head Wind phantom gem Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: 10 Merit Points Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Personal Pool:

Number of page drops depend on difficulty:

  • Very Easy x1
  • Easy x1
  • Normal x2
  • Difficult x3
  • Very Difficult x4


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Shikaree X 1 Humanoid BST/NIN Can use Raiton:Ni, Dokumori:Ichi, Evisceration, Dancing Edge, Utsusemi:Ni, Familiar, Huton:Ni, Kurayami:Ni, Hyoton:Ni. Will resummon Rabbit if defeated.
Shikaree X's Rabbit 1 Rabbit Already called out before battle, will stay out if X is defeated. Can use Slowga, Breakga, Blindga, Wild Carrot.
Shikaree Y 1 Humanoid DRK/MNK Can use Guillotine, Fire III, Bio II, Absorb-STR, Absorb-TP, Blood Weapon, Thunder III, Stone III, Poison, Drain, Vorpal Scythe, Spiral Hell. Can Counter.
Shikaree Z 1 Humanoid DRG/WHM Will use Call Wyvern to summon Shikaree Z's Wyvern. Can use Dia II, Paralyze, Skewer, Penta Thrust, Wheeling Thrust, Impulse Drive, Jump, Silence, Stoneskin, Blindna, Banish II, Blink, Shell II, Banishga II, Flash, Cure IV.
Shikaree Z's Wyvern 1 Wyvern Will despawn when Z is defeated.


  • The Shikaree Sin Hunters drop items directly.
  • They will attempt to skillchain together.
  • Breakga is especially dangerous as it may reset hate and they will split off to the healer.

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