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Server: Valefor
Playing Since: September 21, 2004

WAR 99 MNK 99  
WHM 99   BLM 99
RDM 99m THF 99
PLD 99 DRK 99
BST 99 BRD 99
RNG 99 SAM 99
NIN 99 DRG 99
SMN 99 BLU 99
COR 99   PUP 99
DNC 99 SCH 99
GEO 99   RUN 99
Alchemy 57  
Bonecraft 64  
Clothcraft 70  
Cooking 51  
Fishing 0  
Goldsmithing 0  
Leathercraft 11  
Smithing 0  
Synergy 1  
Woodworking 0  
Choc. Digging Amateur
San d'Oria Flag.jpg Rank 10 Bastok-Flag.jpg Rank 10 Windurst-Flag.jpg Rank 1
Zilart The Last Verse
Promathia The Last Verse
Aht Urhgan Eternal Mercenary
Assault Rank Captain
Altana Left We Forget
Campaign Rank Bronze Ribbon of Service §
Adoulin The Light Within
Rhapsodies A Rhapsody for the Ages
A Crystalline Prophecy Missions Incomplete A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions Complete A Shantotto Ascension Missions Incomplete
Abyssea Storyline Complete Voidwatch Storyline Complete Leafkin Temp.png Incomplete
Mog Garden Ranks
Arboreal Grove 6
Costal Fishing Net 6
Garden Furrows 5
Mineral Vein 6
Monster Rearing 6
Pond Dredger 6
Coalition Ranks
Couriersicon.png Legend
Inventorsicon.png Legend
Mummersicon.png Legend
Peacekeepersicon.png Legend
Pioneersicon.png Legend
Scoutsicon.png Legend
Master Trials
Fermion Sword icon.png
Not Obtained
Irradiance Blade icon.png
Not Obtained
Aphelion Knuckles icon.png
Not Obtained
Mizukage Naginata icon.png
Not Obtained
Allied Forces
Ultimate Weapons
Mandau (Level 75) icon.png Mandau (119 III) Ragnarok (Level 75) icon.png Ragnarok (119 III) Apocalypse (Level 75) icon.png Apocalypse (119 III) Gungnir (Level 75) icon.png Gungnir (119 III) Kikoku (Level 75) icon.png Kikoku (75) Yoichinoyumi (Level 75) icon.png Yoichinoyumi (75) Annihilator (Level 75) icon.png Annihilator (119 III) Aegis (Level 75) icon.png Aegis (99) Gastraphetes (Incomplete) icon.png Gastraphetes (119 III) Nirvana (Incomplete) icon.png Nirvana (119 III) Tizona (Incomplete) icon.png Tizona (119 III) Epeolatry (Level 119) icon.png Epeolatry (119 III) Twashtar (Level 80) icon.png Twashtar (119 III) Almace (Level 80) icon.png Almace (119 III) Caladbolg (Level 80) icon.png Caladbolg (119 III) Masamune (Level 80) icon.png Masamune (119 III) Aeneas icon.png Aeneas (119) Lionheart icon.png Lionheart (119) Chango icon.png Chango (119) Trishula icon.png Trishula (119) Dojikiri Yasutsuna icon.png Dojikiri Yasutsuna (119) Fomalhaut icon.png Fomalhaut (119)

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BG Wiki There is only one XI wiki, and BG is it's name.
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