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Guide Maps

The Meeble Burrows guide maps below are intended to complement the information on the individual expedition pages and may not contain all information necessary to fully understand a particular expedition.

  • June 2012: Einherjar, Limbus updates
  • May 2012: Job adjustments, ranged weapon/JA/WS adjustments, eliminate guild merchant waits
  • April 2012: Provenance
  • March 2012: Legion, Voidwatch chapter IV, meteor/arise, cure spell calculation, crafting cap increases
  • February 2012: Job adjustments, Nyzul 2.0
  • December 2011: Level 99 cap, merit weapon skills, relic armor +2, VW chapter III, new WoE battlefield
  • October 2011: New BCNMs
  • September 2011: Level 95 cap, voidwatch chapter II, new BCNMs, Dynamis 2.0
  • July 2011: Job adjustments
  • May 2011: Voidwatch chapter I, new BCNMs, synergy augments (sky/ein gear), pop items for HNMs, merit limit upgrades
  • February 2011: Battle/EXP refinements
  • December 2010: Heroes of Abyssea, level 90 cap, job adjustments, synergy cap to 80, job emotes, mog sack, end of WotG
  • September 2010: Scars of Abyssea, level 85 cap, job adjustments, new weapon skills (skill-based),
  • June 2010: Vision of Abyssea, level 80 cap, job adjustments, more WoE, new MMMs, removal of level caps on CoP areas, end of *WotG nation quests
  • March 2010: Odin & Alexander, WotG missions, Trial of the Magians
  • November 2009: A Shantotto Ascension, Synergy added, Evolith augmentation, job adjustments, more MMM,
  • July 2009: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat, Succor to the Sidhe augments, job adjustments, campaign adjustments
  • April 2009: A Crystalline Prophecy, MMM additions, item augments (FoV), ANNMs, gobbiebag limit increased to 80
  • December 2008: MMM, DNC & SCH adjustments, FoV,
  • September 2008: Level Sync, DNC/SCH cat 1 merits, added relic and AF+1 for the five new jobs, mythic requirement update
  • June 2008: ZNMs added, einherjar entry requirements eased significantly, group 2 merit category cap increase
  • March 2008: Campaign updates, DNC & SCH AF
  • November 2007: Wings of the Goddess (new jobs DNC & SCH, new areas added (shadowreign era), campaign)

Weather Patterns by Area

Area Weather Patterns
Gustav Tunnel
Valkurm Dunes
Element: Earth +++ Element: Fire +
Caedarva Mire
Leujaoam Sanctum
Element: Water +++++ Nov - Mar Element: Thunder ++ Element: Dark ++
Qufim Island
Behemoth's Dominion
Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Middle Delkfutt's Tower
Upper Delkfutt's Tower
Element: Thunder ++++ Element: LightElement: Light +

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