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About Toxictaru+

I am Toxictaru of Caitsith, formerly Turelio of Seraph and Toxictaru of Hades. I'm just a Taru who likes punching the hell out of things and occasionally blowing them up. I do it a little bit of everything, from Dynamis to Limbus to Sky, and even the new Einherjar event (which I really like). This page is just a bit about my character... what I've done, where I've been, what I want to do. My ultimate goal these days is the same as my old one, I want to fight and defeat Absolute Virtue, and maybe upgrade a relic weapon.


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Kalisa and I met shortly after I moved from Sylph to Hades in June, 2006. I had been moving BLM along and was getting ready to hit up the Dunes. I got a random invite, partied for a while, and seeked again. Not long after, I got an invite from another party. In this party was a sackholder of a rather social linkshell known as RamenNoodles. I joined up quickly, and not long after, I was made a sack myself.

Kalisa and I chatted a lot. I may have been slightly elitist coming on to Hades, and she was generally pretty quick to put me in my place. Around the time I was level 20, I was hanging around in Jeuno doing something, and we struck up a conversation. I think the linkshell was pretty dead, and well, we just got to chatting. I knew pretty quickly that we'd be friends when she used fsck in conversation (gogo geek!). I wasn't trying to start a relationship over a video game (I thought it was dorky after I heard of a couple who were married after meeting on EQ), I didn't actively pursue anything. However, as time passed, we got to know each other better, and we just got along well together. Clicked, whatever. On my first trip to 75, she helped me with a lot of stuff on the way. Instead of spending countless hours shouting in Jeuno, she'd take me out for AF coffers, limit breaks, and NMs that dropped stuff I could benefit from on BLM. We've duoed quite a few things that a lot of people can't.

Regardless, we finally met in person in October of 2006. Although we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, we realized we worked well together. Of course this meant plans for spending Christmas together. Through some circumstance and simply just wanting to do it, we decided we'd get married during the holiday. On December 28, 2006, a few thousand miles away home, we were married. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Excessive Userboxes!+
TaruMB4.jpg This player is a Tarutaru Male.
Monk Icon.png This player is a level 75 Monk
Windurst-Flag.jpg This player is Rank 10 with Fame 9 in Windurst
Limbus-ubox.jpg This user enjoys Limbus.
Windurst-Flag.jpg This player is from Windurst
White Mage Icon.png This player is a level 75 White Mage
San d'Oria Flag.jpg This player is Rank 10 with Fame 9 in San d'Oria
Salvage-ubox.jpg This user enjoys Salvage.
Aht-Urhgan-Flag.jpg This player has obtained the Assault rank of S.
Black Mage Icon.png This player is a level 75 Black Mage
Bastok-Flag.jpg This player is Rank 10 with Fame 9 in Bastok
BastokPort.jpg This player has collected 60 of the 76 available maps.
Bonecraft.gif This player has achieved 80.2+1 Bonecrafting skill.
Ninja Icon.png This player is a level 75 Ninja
RuAunGardens.jpg This player has completed Divine Might and chose the Suppanomimi
Merit Point Icon.png This player has earned a total of 156 Merit Points.
Goldsmithing.gif This player has achieved 58.2+1 Goldsmithing skill.
Samurai Icon.png This player is a level 75 Samurai
RuAunGardens.jpg This player has completed Rise of the Zilart.
Alchemy.gif This player has achieved 60 Alchemy skill.
Warrior Icon.png This player is a level 52 Warrior
AlTaieu.jpg This player has completed Chains of Promathia and chose the Rajas Ring.
Woodworking.gif This player has achieved 20 Woodworking skill.
Red Mage Icon.png This player is a level 14 Red Mage
ArrapagoReef.jpg This player has completed Treasures of Aht Urhgan and chose the Ulthalam's Ring.
Shadedspectacles-only.png This user has spent 70,000 Goldsmithing Guild Points to obtain the Shaded Spectacles.
Thief Icon.png This player is a level 37 Thief
AllQuests.jpg This player has completed 246 of the 547 available quests.
JeunoRegion.jpg This players favorite region or area is Ru'Aun Gardens.
TaruFA2.jpg This player's NPC, Kalokoko, is a level 49 Soothing Healer.
Paladin Icon.png This player is a level 3 Paladin
ServerIcon.png This player plays on the Caitsith server.
Beastmaster Icon.png This player is a level 11 Beastmaster
Ranger Icon.png This player is a level 23 Ranger
Canada-Flag.gif This player plays from Canada.
Dragoon Icon.png This player is a level 28 Dragoon
Calendar-icon.gif This player has been playing FFXI since May 5, 2006.
Summoner Icon.png This player is a level 7 Summoner
Laptop Player.png This user primarily plays on a laptop.
Male Icon.png This player is a male.
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