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Just for reference you can use the {{Delete}} template on pages that you think may need deletion. There's other notices too you can check out in Category:Templates. :D ~ Goddess ~ TalkContrib 19:13, 25 August 2008 (EDT)

Image tags

Just letting you know that you don't need to doubletag the items which need images. Many of them have categories already implemented to request for an image as Category:Item Image. Don't worry about adding the {{Need Image}}. ^^ BTW, I love all the nice work you've done with the chocobo section! :D ~ Goddess ~ TalkContrib 04:44, 4 September 2008 (EDT)

Re: Image Tags

Ahh, I didn't know they were already marked for needed immages. Thanks BTW, I've been working on making sure each link on that and the racing page go somewhere. Also, I've been adding in pictures of easy to get/find items/monsters.

Key Items

Hey, you're doing an awesome job with updates! But just to save you some work, every key item in the game is already on the wiki. Key items were added in as they are in the dat files, so most of the time, only the first word is capitalized unless it involves a proper name. (For example, you just added in Tiny Wristlet, when Tiny wristlet is already in there.) If you don't see a key item, do a search on the name, it's floating around somewhere. (Although some need reformatting from a template change a while back.)

Keep up the good work!

--Septimus 06:44, 20 October 2008 (EDT)


Dear Bockage,

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for all of your work. You have been a hurricane lately!

Septimus 06:23, 17 January 2009 (EST)

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