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Hello, and welcome to the wiki. Thank you for your contributions, but please sign your work by writing --~~~~ or clicking the pencil icon next to the link icon. --Spicyryan (talk) 15:44, 4 October 2016 (UTC)

Hello, and thank you for the welcome. I always sign my work on the FFXIclopedia because it ask / reminds us, but when I didn't see the notice / reminder here I thought this site doesn't support or want the --~~~~. Some thoughts:

  • Add the reminder / request for the --~~~~ on contributions to this site, please.
  • I love the tie-in with on FFXIclopedia and would love to see it here. Can you, please, explore this and implement it. If not, why can FFXIclopedia do it but not this site?
  • Many item pages don't say how to obtain the item and it would be nice to know how to add this information correctly. Is it possible to put a stub on those pages to encourage future contributions?
  • On the RoE LTC (Records of Eminence Limited-time Challenges) I came up with an Excel spreadsheet for my time zones (CST and CDT), which I think would be help (when expanded), but I don't see a way to share it here (e.g. convert, etc). Please look at it and give me your thoughts. It is at:
  • When I did a search on "Limited Time Challenge," the search facility didn't find the RoE LTC, because of the dash in the "Limited-Time Challenge" on the page. Yet, at FFXIclopedia its search does find the page. You might want to also allow people to not know about the dash (or any dash in a search phrase or group of words). Well, its up to you, just saying it is a thought.
  • Finally, I'll put in a summary on the page and then press "Save page." Some times, but not always a pop up will appear and seems to ask me to write a summary, which I already provided. Typically, I'll just copy and paste the same line I put in the summary. Am I missing something? Aren't they asking the same thing?

Thanks you, IBHalliwell of Ragnarok (formerly of Caitsith) --Ibhalliwell (talk) 10:43, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

Anytime :D

Not sure where you heard we don't want or support built in wiki functions like nowiki, but that isn't true. The tag is simply used to show text that autoformats.

  1. I will talk to the guys about the sign reminder. It does seem important as people regularly forget, and that would at least help.
  2. Not familiar with the tie-in you speak of. Every item page links to though.
  3. I believe adding a stub by default, aside from making the tag useless for sorting purposes of identifying pages tagged as stubs, wouldn't have much if any impact. If a page isn't populated then I think everyone knows it should be. People just want to add something missing rather than do a new page.
  1. As far as editing pages, looking at existing pages is the most helpful, but perhaps referring to these pages will help you:
  1. We do not use a visual editor so that may be part of the reason why there isn't a way to natively convert it that I know of. There are ways to convert it though such as using the mediawiki plugin for LibreOffice.
  2. This had nothing to do with the hyphen, and everything to do with the fact there is no redirect for that term. If you type "limited time challenge" now it will take you to that section. I agree that times (it be EST or PST thought as a standard not MST or CST) would be helpful too.
  3. A request for a summary happens when hitting "publish" with no description or hitting enter when the cursor is in the summary bar. Simply click save page instead to not have this occur. Otherwise I never have this occur out of thousands of edits.

Thank you for your interest in BGWiki :D You can come join us in the Discord (link top left) too if you wish. --Spicyryan (talk) 13:27, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

Hello, welcome THe Wiki! What is this tie-in you speak of that FFXIPedia does with FFXIAH? What you've said so far is to vague for Spicyryan or I to know what you're talking about. Could you please most more details or a link for us to look at an example? Darvamos{Chiaia} (talk) 13:57, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

Hello Spicyryan!

  1. You wrote: Not sure where you heard we don't want or support built in wiki functions like nowiki, but that isn't true. The tag is simply used to show text that autoformats. Ah, I don't think I said (to the best of my knowledge) anything about wiki functions, such as nowiki or alike. If I did I'm sorry. I was talking about signing talk page entries, only. If that's the same, OK, but I thought wiki functions and talk page signing were different. Can you (gently) help my feeble mind understand, please? Thanks!
  2. BTW, I added the dash line to help me (and maybe others) better know where a message starts and ends. I hope that is OK.
  3. You wrote: "Not familiar with the tie-in you speak of. Every item page links to though." Ah! I never noticed till now the very small AH icon on the page. I'd like to suggest you're looking at making it more obvious, please. As for tie-in I spoke of here are some examples: (The AH link is at the end of the line about Auction House. The line varies but ends with the AH and blue box like yours.

On the above web pages, look for the AH blue icon box at the end of a line saying either:

  1. Cannot be sold on the Auction House, but can be traded and bazaared.
  2. Auction House Category: Cat 01 > Cat 02. (e.g. Auction House Category: Others > Misc.)
  1. Thank you for the invite to Discord. (Ah. How do I get this to be 4 instead of a 1 given I wanted a line introducing the second part of #3?)

Thank you for the reply! :) --Ibhalliwell (talk) 19:14, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

Hello Darvamos! :)

I hope the above examples about FFXIclopedia and FFXIAH tie-in are enough. If not, please, let me know. Remember like your pages the link is the AH inside the blue box/icon. I guess the one on FFXIclopedia was easier for me to see because of all the white space around it, plus the line about the buying and selling in front of the icon. Kind of highlights the purpose of the line.

Thought: You might want to add buying and selling information, too, such as what you can:

  1. Trade
  2. Bazaar
  3. Sell at AH
  4. Where at the AH the item resides (e.g. Others -> Misc or Material -> Alchemy 2)

Just a thought and thank you for the reply. :)

--Ibhalliwell (talk) 19:14, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

of course using a break is fine :P you can just use ---- instead of a lot of -'s though.

Sorry, I tend to do several things at once and cram wiki in while I am busy doing work or something. I misread your question and thought you said <nowiki> tags were discouraged from use. Blame it on my scatterbrain.

Anyway, we have been working on the tags. Darvamos and Funkworkz have been exporting data to reupload the tags and ilvl. For example look at the flags on the Camatlatia page. This goes hand in hand with the AH categorizing you speak of. That will be fixed soon enough too.

So that should make you happy as it addresses almost all of your concerns. As for that AH button. I believe it is not really that hidden. Especially since it is next to the red button. For now at least I think it can remain where it is.

Thanks for your concerns and suggestions. --Spicyryan (talk) 19:43, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

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