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Welcome to the wiki. Thank you for your contributions. --Spicyryan (talk) 16:31, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

I like that new auto calculating guild point template you just made. Perhaps it would be good if we got on a direct line of communication. --Spicyryan (talk) 18:47, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

  • Sure thing! I've got my Steam profile linked on my userpage. If you still use AIM, I'm AmzanRigh on there (though I may have it set to block unlisted usernames). Or if you've got a preferred place to IRC, that's good too! I'll probably be sleeping soon, so not much time to talk right now, but we can make contact now and communicate later. :) --Mondegreen (talk) 18:56, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

Umm, AIM is sitting with Kaza, Bearshare, and Live Journal somewhere in time. No one uses that shit.

There is Skype, Discord, Email, etc. --Spicyryan (talk) 18:59, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about Discord...a friend introduced me to it a few weeks ago. I'm AmzRigh on there, too. --Mondegreen (talk) 19:06, 28 June 2016 (UTC) --Spicyryan (talk) 19:10, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

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