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Pre-Release & Beta

2000 - 2001

Release & The First Year


The Rise of the Zilart Era


The Chains of Promathia Era


Conclusion of Chains of Promathia


The Treasures of Aht Urhgan Era


Conclusion of Treasures of Aht Urhgan


The Age of Mythical Weapons


The Add-on Scenarios


The End of the Level 75 Cap


The Beginning of Post-Abyssea


The Level 99 Era

Coming Soon!

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2003 - Rise of the Zilart Era

From April of 2003, the first expansion disc, “Rise of the Zilart” widened the scope of adventurer activity farther than ever before. In October, service began in North America. December 2003 saw the introduction of the level 75 cap. It was a very busy and event-filled year for Vana’diel.

Jan. 1st, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Lucky Sheep Roam Vana’diel
To celebrate the New Year, there were sheep named Fortune Ram, Bless Ewe, Merry Mary, Happy Baabaa and Lucky Lamb. In addition, two Mandragora named “Ake” and “Ome” appeared in each nation, including Jeuno.


Ake ome.jpg

Ake and Ome were two Mandragora NPCs with little oranges on their heads. They didn’t do anything special besides stand around in town, but adventurers just couldn’t get enough screenshots of the adorable pair.

Ake and Ome get their names from the phrase “Akemashite omedetou,” which is said to wish a Happy New Year.

The Monstrosity item Ake-Ome Spirit was derived from this event.

Jan. 14th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Worlds Consolidate Into Kujata, Bismarck
Ixion, Typhon and Kirin were shut down and the population added to Kujata and Bismarck.
Jan. 15th, 2003
    JPFlag.png FFXI-TV Begins Broadcasting
On “Channel BB” (channel 755) of Sky Perfect TV!, a program titled FFXI-TV begins broadcast. This program was aired 13 times in 30 minute segments. Square Enix sponsored this program. Vana'diel Wind (known today as Live Vana'diel) occasionally aired the program. The Japanese actress Yuko Mizuno stared in the program. This program aired until August 31st, 2004. No subtitles were added to the show. Each time, the player was given a task via a Moogle "Directive". Below is a list of the episodes.
Episode Directive Area Focus
1 FFXIをインストールせよ!!

(Install FFXI!!)

Chateau d'Oraguille, Northern San d'Oria Cathedral
2 初級クエストを攻略せよ!!

(Capture the beginner quest!!)

3 パーティープレイを会得せよ!!

(Acquire Party Play!!)

4 パーティープレイ応用編!!

(Party Play applied version!!)

West Ronfaure, La Theine Plateau
5 サポートジョブをゲットせよ!!

(Get support jobs!!)

La Theine Plateau, Mhaura, Selbina
6 チョコボ! そして新たなる大地!!

(Chocobo ! And a new world!)

7 ジラートの幻影!!召喚魔法!

(Rise of the Zilart! Summoning magic!!)

Kazham, Yuhtunga Jungle
8 ジラートの幻影マル秘開発話!!

(Rise of the Zilart development story!!)

The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, The Boyahda Tree
9 ジラートの幻影マル秘開発話パート2 & 新エリア探訪!

(Rise of the Zilart development story 2 & New Area Exploration!)

Cape Teriggan, Quicksand Caves
10 ドラゴン退治!!ミッション「他国を回れ」

(Dragon ridicule!! Mission "Journey Abroad")

11 Notorious Monsterを撃破せよ!!

(Defeat Notorious Monster!!)

Ifrit's Cauldron
12 闇の王を討て!召喚士になれ!!

(Deceive the King of Darkness! Be a summoner!!)

Western Altepa Desert, Rabao
13 召喚士になれ!!

(Be a summoner ! !)

To Catch a Falling Star
Jan. 23rd, 2003
    Historynews.gif 8th annual AMD Awards prize winner!
Final Fantasy XI won the award "Digital Contents of the Year" during the 8th annual AMD awards.
January 2003
    Historynews.gif The Counter of the Crafting Bug
As we knew it, there was a crafting bug in which a player could force an interruption on their craft. The result of this was that the crystal broke, did not generate any material losses, and the player still had a chance of skilling up. This was discovered and fixed in a few days. Those who exploited this bug either had their skill rolled back or were perm banned. This caused the uproar from players, complaining that they run this game like an offline game. This news was also reported on TV in Japan.
January 2003
    Historynews.gif Announcement of Rise of the Zilart Release Date
The release date for Rise of the Zilart was announced in January of 2003. Along with that, the announcement also included a temporary change to the update schedules: in which, updates would be every few months instead of monthly. This was obviously well received by many players even after the official expansion launch. SE's reply to this for the next couple of years was that "We did not plan this kind of workload." and the like. Although it was planned as a temporary change, by the end of 2004 they decided to just make it their normal update speed for many years to come.
Feb. 5th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Search Comments Implemented
New Features & Content
  • BCNM battlefields added.
  • Search comments implemented.
  • Text Commands Added: /echo
    • Added to Chat: <st>, <lastst>, <stpc>, <stnpc>, <hp>, <mp>, <job>, <hpp>, <mpp>, <bt>, <scan>, <mjob>, <sjob>, <pet>

Job Adustments
  • The ability to cycle through a history of chat targets using CTRL(Alt)+R was added.
  • When entering chat text, players could now utilize the shortcut keys CTRL(Alt)+S, R, T, L or P.
  • A Compact Keyboard mode was added.
  • The Rank 3 Dragon fight received a level cap of 25, while the Rank 5 Fei'Yin battlefield received a level cap of 50.
  • Expeditionary Force altered.
  • Certain Notorious Monsters that pop after specified intervals of time were changed so as to not immediately appear after a world maintenance.
  • Careful consideration had to be given to terrain in dungeons allowing players to avoid being attacked.
  • Area of effect magic spells were given a vertical range limit of 4m in either direction. This was done to prevent the trick wherein adventurers could damage Serket in the basement of Garlaige Citadel from the upper floor.
  • Serkets Earth Pounder also no longer hit innocent low level players on the top floor of Garlaige Citadel.
  • Sneak now wore off when opening a Treasure Chest or Treasure Coffer.
  • Mimics added as a new trap for Thieves trying to open treasure boxes.
  • Party leaders now had their name displayed in yellow in search results.
  • Players could now form an alliance by selected a party leader from the search list (when in the same area).
  • Auto-Party limited to finding players one level either above or below the user.
  • Players could now cycle through macro pages with R2 and L2.
  • Players could now change the names of their Friends when adding them to the Friend List.
  • Using the /attack command now put the player into cycle target mode.
  • When fishing, the O button would now cancel your cast.
  • Events added to the Bastok Missions Fetichism and To the Forsaken Mines.
  • The level requirement for Atop the Highest Mountains lowered from level 55 to level 51.
  • A dialog box was added to warp points inside Delkfutt Tower.
  • Conquest rewards were altered so that Rank 1 nations received more benefits, and differences between Rank 2 and Rank 3 nations were added.
  • Consumable items, such as Instant Reraise scrolls, made available for purchase with Conquest Points.
Level Cap?!

Because there were a lot of high levels at this time already, this was done to stop players from soloing the mission BCs.

NM Spawn Time

The NM Spawn time change was made due to uproar that it was unfair that only "Haijins" (in english, it would mean "No Life People") could log in immediately after a server maintenance. This was the only answer that SE had to "solve" the problem for more casual players.

The First BCNMs

Six BCNMs were initially added: “Tails of Woe” “The Worm's Turn” “Steamed Sprouts” “Dismemberment Brigade” “Grimshell Shocktroopers” and “Divine Punishers”, although they were yet to be given these names. Also, the battlefields were not yet called “BF” and were referred to as BC戦, an acronym of Burning Circle.

Enter Mimics

Up until now, the only trap awaiting Thieves who failed to pick a chest was a severe Weakness effect. Now, treasure boxes could turn into Mimic-type monsters. If one managed to defeat the Mimic, they would always receive a key. Sneak and Invisible wearing off also was to stop thieves from picking all day. With the latter two changes, the thief lock picking craze gradually went down.

Red Mages Head to Ranguemont Pass

Although the high-end spell Refresh was added to the game, how to obtain the scroll was still shrouded in mystery. A rumor originating on an Internet message board soon spread, which claimed that a Hecteyes-type monster in Ranguemont Pass, namely Taisai, dropped the scroll.

The truth, however, was that the scroll was a reward from a BCNM. The drop rate was approximately 1 in 8 runs, and the Auction House price of the spell was 1 million gil. This was unheard of back then.

Many Red Mages believed the rumor and hunting of the NM was widespread. As a reference to this incident, the NM Taisaijin was given Refresh in its Treasure Pool when it was added later on.

Fish Botting

To counter fish botting, the system was changed so that when pressing the O button, the fishing would be cancelled. However, they forgot to implement this on the ENTER button or the right mouse click.

Combat and Magic Skillup Parties

After this update, the rate of which combat and magic skillups were gained was dramatically reduced. This caused jobs that have multiple 2 handed weapons to find it extra hard to keep everything capped. This change gave birth to "Skill up Parties" that were popular for quite awhile.

The combat and magic skill tweak was "Ninja'd" into the update and players who called GMs to report bugs had only received typical responses that "it wasn't changed".

Feb. 8th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Tenshodo's Envoy
On February 8th until February 14th, new NPCs appeared in the three nations selling Kukuru Beans and Selbina Milk. At the same time, a recipe for Bubble Chocolate (HQ Heart Chocolate) was added. There was no official event for Valentine's day yet.
February 2003
    Historynews.gif Lag!
Enormous lag problems happened in the month of February 2003, and it seemed that Playonline and something else clashed making servers unstable. People experienced serious glitches during their gameplay.
Mar. 13th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Seraph and Lakshmi Open
Two new worlds were establish to alleviate the rising population. Players could transfer to the new worlds only from select existing worlds.
Mar. 21st, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Cherry Blossoms Appear
Cherry blossom trees in full bloom appeared in Ru'Lude Gardens, Port San d'Oria, Metalworks and Windurst Waters. SpringBlossom 2003.jpg

Image courtesy of [email protected]

Apr. 1st, 2003
    Historynews.gif The Two Companies Combine
Formerly called Square and Enix respectively, Japan's two massive RPG makers combined and Square Enix was born. From here on, the change was reflected in Final Fantasy XI’s credits and the screenshot function.
Apr. 15th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png The Rise of the Zilart Preliminary Update
New Features & Content
  • The level cap now became 65. The third Limit Break quest, "Whence Blows the Wind" was added.
    • Causing amazement among players, the EXP table for lv61+ was changed to a much harsher climb compared with pre-60.
  • Samurai, Ninja, Dragoon and Summoner were added as Advanced Jobs. Only Summoner could be attained without installing the expansion, but players without Rise of Zilart would be limited to Carbuncle.
  • An airship route between Jeuno and Kazham was opened.
  • Rank 6 and 7 missions were implemented, along with actual Rank 7 and 8, for each nation.
  • Nomad Moogles were placed in foreign areas (you had to move your Mog House to utilize them).
  • <pettp> was added.

Job Adjustments
  • Caps on crafting skills raised to 80.
  • Enemies had their magic and ranged attack skill levels increased.
  • GA-type spells received an increase in power. Damage now decreased depending on the number of enemies with the area of effect. Also, the MP they consumed was reduced.
  • The effect of Gravity now lowered Evasion by 5%.
  • Invisible, Sneak and Deodorize could no longer be recast on top of themselves.
  • Enhancing Magic effects now wore off when switching jobs.
  • The timer for a 2-hour ability would no longer reset upon changing jobs.
  • Items would no longer be consumed if a player moved during activation.
  • A bug was fixed where Regen would automatically cure Sleep status. Normally, Poison Potions are needed to avoid Sleep, but until now Auto-Regen made White Mages invaluable allies against monsters with Sleep attacks.
  • BCNM monsters and boss-level Beastmen could now see through Invisible, Sneak and Deodorize magics. People could no longer leisurely take snapshots of rare, high-level Beastmen leaders.
    • SE forgot to notify players of "True Sight/True Sound" mobs. This made LB3 very difficult, and panic arose among the player base thinking that Sneak and Invisible were broken.
  • The window of time within which players could create a Skillchain was changed. It was announced that Weapon Skills would no longer chain after a level 3 Skillchain was made.
  • Certain skillchain elements were changed. FreezebiteSunburst and FreezebiteStarburst, which used to make Gravitation, now made Compression.
  • Rampage and Penta Thrust had their skillchain elements changed. RampageRampage and Penta ThrustPenta Thrust no longer made Skillchains.
  • Switching out certain ranged weapons, or anything in the ammo slot, now reset TP.
  • New sections were opened in Toraimarai Canal, Delkfutt Tower, King Ranperre's Tomb and Bostaunieux Oubliette.
  • The monsters that would drop Chest and Coffer keys were changed in every dungeon. Beforehand, all monsters of a certain level range had the chance to randomly drop a key. Here, it was set to drop only from specific monsters.
  • Orcs level 30 and up received an HP max boost. Davoi transformed from leveling heaven into a ghost town overnight.
  • The service charge for listed goods on the Auction House was standardized.
  • Players could only invite one person per single World Pass.
  • Players who set a Search Comment would now have a green mark next to their name in the search results.
  • The amount of time a disconnected character would remain in the game was extended from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Sets 9 and 10 added to the Macro function.
  • A pet's HP bar would now be displayed when choosing a Pet Command.
  • Regional Vendors disappeared from Jeuno.
  • The title screen was removed, and players could immediately select from a menu when logging in.
  • “DATA FILE” was removed from the menu and replaced with “View Safe.” DATA FILE would allow one to browse the aforementioned Altana Encyclopedia. The text command /datafile was also removed.
  • Duration of Food effects was changed. Stackable food now lasted 30 minutes, and non-stackable food lasted 1 hour.
  • Clicking the left mouse button while fishing would now cancel your cast.
  • Players could now register others to their blacklist even if they were not in the same area.
  • EX and RARE items now had an extra confirmation box when players tried to discard them.
  • All Dagger weapons were changed to inflict Piercing damage. Before, only some were piercing.
  • Bugs Introduced:
    • Serious problems arose with inputting Japanese characters.
    • Players could buy an infinite number of new area maps from vendors.
Game changers
  • Along with the promised lv60 cap increase, various elements were added that will change the game completely. This started the trend of "If it's a buff, we announce it; if it's a nerf, we ninja it." as we know of right now.
  • Food duration was changed from everything lasting one hour to "Stackable items last 30 minutes".
  • Latent and Hidden Effect items were introduced at this time. Many players had no idea how to trigger them, and they were regarded as useless.
  • Sneak was set to not be able to be overwritten, causing it to have to be dropped before recasting. This caused a higher sense of danger in dungeons.
  • Several HNMs were added to the game, but rewards and titles were not properly implemented. This was not intentional, rather it was due to poor programming.
  • Pre skill level 200, the equation was 1 skill = 1 accuracy. Post-200, this was suddenly changed to 1 skill = 0.2 accuracy. They did not take this into account with monster's evasion, so it was very hard to hit new high level monsters.
  • Incredibly Tough monsters started at 12 levels above you. Monsters 18 levels above players needed to be killed to gain the maximum 200 experience points per kill. The developers did not think this through and were referred to as complete morons because "IT = Death". Fighting them became pointless unless a supreme party configuration was created. Many players started to chain Tough to Very Tough mobs despite the amount of experience per kill being lowered. Tactics shifted from skillchain spamming to multi-hit weapon skill spamming.
  • Not many people used level 3 skillchains, as level 65 was needed to use necessary weapon skills and Dancing Edge was incredibly strong.

Long Lines

A certain monster in Konschtat Highlands caused a huge influx of adventurers looking to acquire new jobs. There were so many challengers, that adventurers formed a long line and waited their turn.

At the same time, a battlefield required for the completion of the Dragoon acquisition quest had an Orcish hut looking like a popular ramen shop.

Competition for the Carbuncle's Ruby for the Summoner job quest also was severe, not to mention Kazham key mobs.

2-Hours On Demand

Before now, the timers for 2-hour abilities would be reset upon changing jobs. When doing multiple BCNMs, it was customary to repeatedly reset your 2-hours between BCNM attempts.

Be Careful With Those Items

Up till now, moving while activating an item would cause it to be consumed without effect. This caused particular concern with rare, difficult to acquire items like Warp and Teleport scrolls.

While this was fixed, for much longer players affected by Paralyze could lose their items without receiving their effects.

Also with this change they added a "delay" when using items. This caused many mecidines to become useless unlike other Final Fantasy games of the past.

New Sections in Dungeons

The newly opened areas inside these dungeons had previously been shut off. Bostaunieux Oubliette in particular never had monsters before, but now received several NMs for adventurers to hunt.

Jeuno's Regional Vendors

In various places around Jeuno, there were vendors for each region. These NPCs were invaluable for crafters, until they were removed. Afterwards, Conquest determined where things could or could not be purchased. This gave birth to Regional Vendors.

The new event The Green Festival reintroduced these vendors for a short period.


The new loss of TP when exchanging ammo was an unbearable nightmare to all Rangers at the time of this update. When the powerful arrows were added, it was common sense to use Unlimited Shot with those arrows. Japanese players could only speak of how narrow minded the development team's perspective was due to this change.

Many players complained, but the issue was neglected until the October 21st, 2003 update. Rangers were left for six months not knowing what the final outcome would be.

Apr. 17th, 2003
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png FFXI: Rise of the Zilart Goes on Sale
The PS2 version and Windows version of the expansion were shipped to stores simultaneously. The price for the expansion only was 3,980 Yen (tax not included). The "FFXI Rise of Zilart All-in-One Pack 2003″ was also released at the price of 7,800 Yen (tax not included) either the PS2 version or the Windows version.

Overall, the expansion was well received. A few complaints included same model mobs in most areas, and lack of progression and improvement were part of the dislikes in the community. What was worse was the countless nerfs that were added in the patch post launch. The economies began to inflate with limited stocked items. Many players quit after discovering the large experience progression requirements post level 60 along with accuracy problems.

The first few thousand people who preordered the expansion were given a Tarutaru Summoner strap pictured below. The Tarutaru is wearing Summoner artifact armor.

Zilart preorder.jpg

FFXI Japan Collection1.JPG

Two packages, the expansion-only version with a red colored left label (PS2 version pictured below) and All-In-One version (Windows version pictured above) were both available for PS2 and Windows PCs. An official Square Enix logo had yet to be designed, so SQUARESOFT still appeared on the cover. This was Square and Enix’s first collaborative title.


May 16th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Final Fantasy XI Completes 1 Year of Service
May 23rd, 2003
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png FFXI: Rise of Zilart OST Released
The price for the soundtrack was 2,100 Yen (tax included) ROTZ OST.jpg
May 27th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Adventurer Appreciation Campaign
For a limited time, special moogles appeared in every region. Upon talking to them, one could learn their personal statistics, such as:

Chat Lines, NPC Chat times, Parties Joined, Alliances Joined, Battles Fought, Times K.O.d, Enemies Defeated and GM Calls made. Highly ranked people on each world would be rewarded with a Chocobo Wand. Also, once an Earth day, adventurers could receive various presents (Little Comets, Twinkle Showers, Crackers, etc).

The Chocobo Wand was awarded to highly-ranked people, and since no Chocobo Jack Coat existed, it was the only item to increase riding time. The wand was also coveted for having its own distinct graphic.
May 27th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Expansion Areas Get Cheaper
New Features & Content
  • An NPC was added to Norg that would change your Wyvern name.
  • <pethpp> added to chat.
  • Different fees and taxes were lowered in many cases for expansion areas.
  • The Airship abroad now cost 300 gil; Mog House transfer to Kazham cost 700 gil; transferring to Rabao cost 200 gil; Kazham bazaar tax was lowered from 15% to 10%; Rabao bazaar tax was lowered from 10% to 5%.
  • The duration of Signet was changed to allow more time to players whose nation is ranked low in Conquest.
  • Equipping fishing poles or bait now reduced your TP to 0. Throwing weapons, like Boomerang, also reduced TP to 0.
  • Black Pepper was now sold at the Tenshodo.
  • Mid-level Great Katana were now sold at the Tenshodo.
  • Smoked Salmon was now sold at the Cooking Guild.
  • The spell recast timer now read “Next” instead of “Last.”
  • Three high priests of San d'Oria had their display names changed: Croisque→Chasalvige, Vicasque→Halaviabeau, Evesque→Olbergieut.
  • Dangruf Sulfur changed to Sulfur.
  • Ancient Goobbue, Voluptuous Vivian, Cemetery Cherry and Adamantoise now dropped gil.
  • Summoner-type monsters could now summon Avatars other than Carbuncle.
  • Golem Shards, which dropped from Doll-type monsters were renamed Doll Shards. Golem-type monsters now dropped Golem shards (they were called Crystal Giants at the time).
  • A pet’s name and HP bar would now be displayed above the chat log.
  • Players could now /check a charmed pet.
  • The shortcut key CTRL(Alt)+B now opened the Pet Command menu.
  • Guild shop and Auction House menus would now display equipment/magic names in different colors depending on if they were owned/equipped/learned. Also stackables were changed from yellow to pink.
  • Linkshell lists now displayed colors and search comment marks like in search results.
  • Merchant NPCs added to Norg.
  • The Wyvern attack “Plasma Breath” was renamed “Radiant Breath

Bugs Introduced

  • Sneak was once again able to be cast on top of the old effect, but a couple days later removed.
Back then, you had to transfer your Mog House to use the Nomad Moogle, and thus, pay a fee. Add in bazaar taxes and Auction House fees, and expansion areas started feeling like high-class resorts.

After July 17th, the Mog House transfer fee and bazaar taxes were done away with, and the Auction House listing costs were lowered as well. After these changes, Kazham became a much more popular place in which to level.

Walking Worms

After the patch landed, a glitch occured where worms began to move around like other monsters instead of burrowing under the ground.

May 2003
    Historynews.gif Suggestion Forum Drama
Latent MP

At this time because of Zilart's horrible launch patch, the healer shortage became more apparent. SE suggested that in order to fix this problem, they would have it so when melee jobs sub a mage, they would get more MP. Because this is obviously ignoring the core of why there is a healer shortage, players responded with dismay, at the end, this idea was scratched.

Later during an interview, the dev team stated that "users have misunderstood their words", that their plan was to increase the number of backline jobs instead. After that, they buffed WHM up, gave them Hexa Strike, Divine Breastplate and various buffs, obviously in an attempt to draw people to WHM. This shifted the problem of shortage of WHM to the shortage of RDM and BRD.
Jun. 10th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Midgardsormr Opens
Players could transfer from any of the 20 initial worlds.
Jun. 12th, 2003
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png FFXI Entry Disc for PS2 and Windows
Accompanying the release of Rise of Zilart, the basic game was now sold as an "Entry Disc" and the price lowered to 4,800 Yen (tax not included). FFXI PS2 JP ENTRY.jpg
Jun. 12th, 2003
    Historybeta.png North American Beta Test Opens
The world was named Cactuar.
Jul. 17th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Level 70 Unleashed
New Features & Content

Job Adjustments
  • Chocobo rentals established in Kazham, Norg and Rabao. Rabao and Kazham also received Chocobo shops. Players could now ride Chocobos through The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, Yuhtunga Jungle, Yhoator Jungle and Eastern Altepa Desert.
  • Goblin Diggers began appearing in expansion areas.
  • The airship for Kazham was lowered from 300 gil to 200 gil. Nomad Moogle transfer fees were eliminated, as well as bazaar taxes. Auction House charges were now calculated in the same way as the three nations.
  • Tonberry, Sahagin and Antica now dropped gil and Beastman Coins.
  • The prices for Protect IV and Protectra IV in Rabao were lowered.
  • Norg Shells were no longer EX.
  • Multiple people could now enter the gate in Sea Serpent Grotto that required a Sahagin Key. Initially, only the keyholder could enter after using it.
  • Crafting skills raised to a maximum of 90.
  • Cure spells adjusted so that MP cost and cast time changed according to the user’s Healing Magic skill. The enmity generated by Cure V was made a set value.
    • The much demanded "make healing magic have more relation to our curing power" was still not properly addressed.
  • Healing Magic skill no longer needed to be used on Undead to get a skillup.
  • Recast time for Erase shortened.
  • Stoneskin now absorbed more damage based on the user’s MND and Enhancing Magic skill.
  • Cast time for Bar-spells shortened and MP cost lowered. Their effects now improved along with Enhancing Skill.
  • The price of Regen sold in Mhaura was lowered, and Regen II was put up for sale. Regen II was now a White Mage exclusive spell.
  • MP costs for tier-III and tier-IV Elemental Magic reduced.
  • Dark-based enemies could now resist Dispel easier.
  • The effect of Gravity could now last between 30~120 seconds.
  • The duration of Poison spells, as well as the damage caused by Poison II and Poisonga II, were now based on Enfeebling Magic skill.
  • Experience Points would now carry over into the next level upon a Level Up.
  • A cap was set on the amount of Experience Points lost when K.O.d.
  • Kindred's Seals added.
  • The maximum occupancy of each level of Jeuno was raised.
  • A Mithra child’s shop was added to Ru'Lude Gardens.
  • The time it takes for Chocobo rental prices to decrease was shortened by 25% (this made it tougher for prices to get too high).
  • Players were no longer disbanded from a party after entering their Mog House.
  • Messages now appeared in the chat log when using the Delivery System for sending/receiving items.
  • Door names now appeared green in the target box.
  • Players could now be added to one’s party across a Region.
  • Search results for an Area or Region were now limited to 100 results. World-wide results were expanded to 40 results.
  • Players could now set a Linkshell welcome message.
  • The color of messages produced with /echo was changed.
  • In crafting guilds, basic image support was made free, while advanced support was extended to last 4 times as long.
  • Players could no longer repeatedly purchase items from a guild.
  • Expeditionary Force was altered.
  • Conquest points were no longer lost when switching national allegiance.
  • Elemental spirits would now cast magic even outside of battle.
  • Beastmaster-type Goblins occupying Batallia Downs, Eastern Altepa Desert and Labyrinth of Onzozo were repositioned. They now re-summoned pets after 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
  • Beastman Seal Orbs had their prices changed. Moon Orb 99→60, Star Orb 50→40. New Orbs were also added: Comet Orb for 50 seals, Lachesis Orb and Atropos Orbs for 30 seals.
  • Defeated monsters were now displayed as grey on the compass.
  • Cut scenes could now be replayed at certain NPCs.
  • Players could now buy level 1 RSE clothing from vendors.
  • Macros and Map Markers were now saved as files in PlayOnline.
The Ninja Tank is Born

With Ni-level Ninjutsu shortened to a 1.5 second recast timer, Ninja could now use both tiers of Utsusemi to tank effectively. Prior to this, both tiers had the same casting times, if not Ni being slower. The supply of Ninja tools wasn't yet large enough to make this technique especially common, but it gradually became the norm. Before this, Ninja was looked at the same as Summoner: "a job with no purpose at all".

Experience Point Changes

Although publicly saying they had no plans to bring an ease to the level 61+ leveling, they ninja fixed the issue with a few little changes:

  • In order to counter the high demand of experience per level at 61+, players were forced to target harder monsters which increased the demand for RDM/BRD.
  • Players learned that [[Great Axe]s weapon skill Shield Break reduced ice-weak enemies evasion tremendously. This caused Warrior to be the most demanded melee at the time.
  • Level capped zones became popular leveling spots due to the 2400 EXP loss per death. This penalty was based on the level you were capped at, saving a lot of experience loss.
  • Changes to monster placement as well as level range in The Boyahda Tree, Cape Teriggan, and Labyrinth of Onzozo decreased camp choices and in turn made leveling harder.
  • With the addition to Escort quests, this is the first time players were able to earn experience points instead of level grinding. Before the discovery of the once-per-week limitation, some had hopes of possibly skipping exp parties all together just by completing the quest.

Mog House Disband?

Up until now, players were automatically disbanded from their party upon entering their Mog House. Even just going to change your sub job meant you had to re-join the party afterwards. This was corrected to match Nomad Moogles, which were preferred for not causing this issue.

Pet Hunting

Beastmaster pets were popular prey due to the high experience they gave relative to their strength. These Beastmaster were often placed near zone lines, which made them all the more popular for parties to hunt.

However, once their spawn locations were changed, and pet recast was lengthened to 60 seconds, it became too difficult to keep up experience chains, and parties found other prey to hunt.


This update saw the addition of five new battlefields:

Hostile Herbivores” “3, 2, 1...” “Treasure and Tribulations” “Infernal Swarm” and “E-vase-ive Action” However, the battlefields had yet to have these names attached.

Come Into My Parlor” was set to be added this day, but was delayed until the 22nd.

  • Crafting Mats: Some crafting materials were regarded as beyond reach to casual players (such as Damascene Cloth). Items such as these were added to these BCNMs.

Weapon Skills Where?!

New weapon skills were not immediately available. The developers stated that they used all of their resources on existing weapon skill graphic effects. Mages were complaining how melee get new weapon skills for free while mages had to work for them every time. This was the birth of WSNMs

Rare HNMs

Rare HNMs (like Nidhogg) were implemented. The spawn time was 60~72 hours. Before this, players occasionally took breaks from camping them. Due to the rarity and desirability of the gear that drops from them, players now continuously camped.

Jul. 18th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Fireworks Available for a Limited Time
From July 18th until July 27th, fireworks could be purchased in Port San d'Oria, Port Bastok, Windurst Waters and Rabao. Four types of fireworks were available so users could celebrate summer festivals. The three nations and Rabao sold Airborne, Konron Hassen, Kongou Inaho and Meifu Goma. The Airborne and Konron Hassen were especially popular as they shot up into the sky. There were still no crafting recipes for these fireworks, and they could only be acquired through purchase.
Jul. 22nd, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Clotho Orb Added
New Features & Content
  • A bug where Elvaan would have less MP than intended above level 61 was fixed.
  • The reward for the Windurst quest Catch It If You Can! was changed.
Jul. 26th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Bon-Odori II
Users again held a Bon-Odori event, but this time there was an official moogle to announce the event, as well as the old Yughott Grotto BGM from the beta test as music. Actual Bon-Odori event was done by volunteers on each servers.

For example,on Quetzalcoatl server,A Linkshell volunteered and planned whole event.There were two venues,North Gustaberg and West Sarutabaruta .Players gathered and danced,but on West Sarutabaruta venue,there was one compliant from other player who was trying to go to Balga's_Dais but unable to enter Giddeus due to heavy lag on West Sarutabaruta.One of the Staffs got a tell from his mule,So they asked to stop moving for all attendees until his main character could pass West Sarutabaruta. There were some issues,as user event was experimental then. Planning and how it was done might be different on other servers.

Aug. 15th, 2003
    Historynews.gif PlayOnline Terms of Service Change
Players were now forbidden to use any outside programs or tools while playing. Around this time rumors surfaced of GMs unjustly banning players; although officially they announced them as rule breaking. As the GM's reputation was bad to begin with, this event further dented their player's trust.

Before this announcement, there was no action taken against the cheaters. Although, after this change of rules they tried several ways to stop fishbotting. The damage of untrustworthy GMs was already too deep to be undone.

Despite this announcement, the rate of fish bot bans were very minimal and were still found everywhere. Turbo controllers proved difficult to determine by SE if they were bots.

Aug. 16th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png A Mysterious Creature Emerges!
This was an event where a giant creature appeared in the areas surrounded each of the three nations. Even without Calling for Help, multiple parties and alliances could take part. If a player was defeated by the monster, they would not lose any experience.

Due to a glitch, the event was temporarily canceled.

Mysterious 2003 1.jpg

Image courtesy of [email protected]

The event consisted of fighting Doomed-type monsters that roamed the areas outside of home nations. A large amount of adventurers took part in massive battles. This event was made very unpopular as too many people rushed in, and the atmosphere felt like Lower Jeuno AH at the time. Later, players rumored that this was just in preparation for the Treant + OP warp event, an experimental event.
Aug. 16th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Developer’s Blog Service Begins
The beta test now finished, Final Fantasy XI players could begin using this service. This service lasted until December 27th, 2005.
Aug. 30th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png A Mysterious Creature Emerges! Redux
The event that had been canceled back on the 16th was now reborn as a 2-day event, spanning August 30th and 31st.

Touching the Beastman Banner in East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg or West Sarutabaruta would cap you at level 30 and allow you to fight the Gigantoad. Defeating the three monsters would display a congratulatory System Message.

The reward was temporary Outpost Teleportation service (08/31 through 09/14) in San d'Oria, Bastok and Windurst.

Sep. 12th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Vana’diel’s White Shadow Returns
This event was held for 7 hours, from 10pm September 12th to 5am September 13th. Players could receive a Moon Carrot from a Moogle, and trade said carrots to speedy little rabbits in various areas.

The rabbits were even faster than last year, but the prize was upgraded as well to Thoth's Wand.

This event was only held in 2002 and 2003, and did not return after that. All of the glitches from the previous event remained, and it all did not go over well with players.
Sep. 26th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Official Benchmark 2 Released
The setting for this version was the Yuhtunga Jungle / Yhoator Jungle.
Sep. 26th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Announcement of Future Plans
SE announced their upcoming plans for the game; from Ballista, Dynamis, further level cap increase, and the release of NA version. At this time, they announced that the NA version would share server with the Japanese, which lead to many players worrying, but SE only replied with "We are treating this as an experiment.".

The Development team announced "From now on, the version update will come every few months."(Remember that they said they would update every 1 month, and then changed to 3 months, and now "few months".). They seemed to be using localization for the NA version as an excuse for further slowing down their updates. This did not help the animosity view of Japanese players towards English players.

Oct. 7th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Fairy World Opens
A new world was established for the increasing population. Transfer was available from all worlds.
Oct. 14th, 2003
    Historybeta.png North American Beta Test Ends
There was a special event on the final day, where Moogles were placed at Home Points. Upon speaking with them, you could be teleported to NMs like Serket or King Behemoth and fight with them. GMs also joined the fray.
Oct. 21st, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Nation Rank Missions and Zilart Completed
New Features & Content

Job Adjustments
  • Avatar quests were now limited to once a day.
  • The third Mog House expansion quest was added, with the final available space being 80.
  • A shortcut to the 10th floor was added to the West side of Lower Delkfutt's Tower that could be opened with a Delkfutt Key.
  • BCNM clear times were now displayed.
  • Magic Burst bonuses were increased.
  • The effect of Clear Mind was strengthened.
  • MP cost and strength of Banish adjusted. In addition, Banish now weakened the special defenses of Undead monsters.
  • Stoneskin could no longer overwrite itself.
  • Drain and Aspir were adjusted to absorb more based on Magic Bursts, day and weather.
  • The adjustment for TP loss that was implemented in the April 15th update was reversed. TP was once again no longer reset when changed one's ammo slot. Unlimited Shot and their EX ammo was finally useful.
  • A number of monsters were rearranged in The Boyahda Tree, Ifrit's Cauldron, Cape Teriggan and Valley of Sorrows.
  • New Notorious Monsters were added to dungeons in Zilart areas.
  • A number of repop timers for existing NMs was changed greatly (Monsters that popped every 60-72 Earth hours now popped every 24 hours).
    • This included Fafnir, Behemoth, Adamantoise and the like. Their rare versions remained a lottery spawn every of 3~7 days, and stayed that way for years.
  • King Behemoths area of effect attacks could now strike any player within range.
  • The items available in the Mithra child's shop in Ru'Lude Gardens would now change, and increases or decreases according to sales.
  • The items obtainable through Chocobo Digging now varied based on weather, moon phase, day and time. Elemental ore was now obtainable, although extremely rare.
    • This is when Digging became very popular as a gil earning method. Chocobo skill was initially viewable in the skill window.
  • New items could now be grown through gardening.
  • The prices of the shop on the ferry were stabilized.
  • A sound now played when receiving a message or mail.
  • Motions now accompanied HELM activities.
  • More items were available from HELM.
  • Search comments were now divided into 4 different categories.
  • When locked on a target, players could no longer switch targets with cursor keys, the mouse or function keys.
  • The TAB key or START button would now activate the Auto-Translator, causing the word to appear blue in your input box.
  • System message would now announce whether or not players could apply to transfer servers.
  • A single World Pass could now be used to invite up to 5 people.
  • Synthesis Results were now displayed to others, and a chat filter was added.
The March Festival

After this update, a bug occurred wherein Bards using March songs with Royal Spearmen's Horn +1 or Royal Spearmen's Horn +2 equipped would receive a massive boost in effectiveness. This massive buff was not given with other March+ instruments, only these two.

During this glitch period, it was reported that the duration of March songs was 30 minutes at the low end, and 90 minutes at the high end. According the Japanese sites, the March glitch was said to have given players an unimaginable speed boost. Two-handed weapon users could swing like one-handers, dagger users were as fast as Hundred Fists, and Monk could hold hate comfortably without Provoke.

Bonecrafters said it was an unexpected extraordinary income.

This was corrected in the October 28th emergency maintenance. These horns have since been removed.

The Titan Marathon Ends

Around this time, players were repeatedly undertake the Titan acquisition quest in order to earn gil. Now, they were unable to do so until midnight Earth time. With Teleport-Altep and Escape for Korroloka Tunnel, players used to easily complete 4 runs in an hour.

Cloister of Tides BCNM

At this time three BCs were added to the game. Although they had yet to receive their official names, the battlefields were:

Jungle Boogeymen” “Amphibian Assault” and “Legion XI Comitatensis

Out of these, “Amphibian Assault” was added to the Cloister of Tides. Ultimately, it was decided that the special Avatar battle arena should be unique to the Summoner quests, and the four Sahagin were moved to the Sacrificial Chamber on June 29th, 2004.

Othinus' Bow Popular Among Marksmen

New Ex/Rare drops were added to NMs around this time, and they proved to be an immediate hit. One especially, the Othinus' Bow, was so coveted it practically made Archery obsolete. Acid Bolts and Sleep Bolts were also added in this update, further improving Marksmanship.

-Ga spells

Ga spells were already unpopular due to their MP demand, but now they scaled in accordance to the number of targets hit by the spell. With the improvement of Magic Burst bonuses, despite the high cost, -ga spells became popular as a single target nuke. However, monster -ga spells were not affected by the number of players hit.

EX tag items

This update implemented a large number of EX items. The dev team reasoning was that "People won't have to camp it again if they already have it", as well as preventing a monopoly situation to sell items. In reality, players found the actual effect is "Even if you don't want to, you have to camp it". In many cases these EX items did not do what the dev team expected it to. On top of this, high priced items still dropped from NMs such as Shining Cloth from King Behemoth and Damascene Cloth from Aquarius. Players still camped these NMs for profitable gil drops even though they already had the equipment.

As part of the EX craze, the dev team was sure to announce that many NMs could be killed by leveling parties who happen to be killing placeholders. Knowing that Ninja was an unexpected tank, the dev team's idea of balance was very questionable.

Development Team running out of ideas?!

With the Lucky Roll and fortune teller features added, this was SE's answer to player's demand for "New Entertainment". The community's view that the development team was simply running out of ideas was largely increased after these were implemented. The question "What the f*** were the developers thinking?" remained a popular meme for years to come.

Come Hither!

This patch is when the Mithra's "inviting" sit pose (pictured below) was added. This pose had a lot of controversy, so it was changed later to be more feminine and conservative.

Mithra Old Sit.jpg

Oct. 28th, 2003
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png North American Windows Version Released
The North American version of Final Fantasy XI went on sale on October 28th, 2003 for $49.99. When service in North America began for Final Fantasy XI, a large amount of foreign players immediately flooded the game. English chat flowed through towns, and Conquest results were upset by low level activity (there were dead people everywhere). Japanese players avoided home nations due to /shout spam.

Although before the release, some supported the idea of cross server in the name of international gaming. After the release, with the "PL plaz" "Gil plez" "Item pelaz" begging, sexual harassment comments, and the random party replacement(People leaving after 1 kill, leader leaving party after level, tossing leader to a random member without asking, etc, the negative complaints begun.

At the same time, the auto translator feature was added. With the tell spam of "Help Me out!" "cap" "coffer" "thank you", many Japanese players put up the "JP Only" comment. On a side note, "cap" in translator translates to the cap as in baseball cap to the Japanese, just like how "Break" is translated to relaxing to the Japanese.

These all lead to the increasing demand(still active now) of separating servers, mostly from the Japanese players. However, the CEO announced that "Cross nation and Translator are very well done, and we received a lot of praises", even though no one understand where they get those idea from.

FFXI Windows NA.jpg
Oct. 30th, 2003
    Historynews.gif 7th CESA GAME AWARDS Winner
Final Fantasy XI took the award for being the first PS2 MMORPG, connecting PS2 and Windows on the same servers, and for user satisfaction with Rise of the Zilart updates.
Oct. 31st, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Trick or Treat!
From October 31st to November 3rd, players could transform in monsters by trading fruits and sweets to certain NPCs. Prizes included Jack-o'-Lantern, Trick Staff, Treat Staff, Pumpkin Head and Horror Head. Goblin Chocolate was also available for purchase. The equipment available during this event was cute and very different, so it immediately became quite popular. Towns were filled with adventurers in puffy hats with bat staves on their back. You could also see people everywhere bopping monsters on the head, testing out the Treat Staff latent effect of Warp.
Nov. 4th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Treat Staff Effect Changed

Originally, the Treat Staff would have a much higher rate of activating Warp during the Halloween event. This was changed so that it would not activate at all outside the time of the event.

This change caused many players to complain, and was very unpopular.

Nov. 11th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Conquest Adjustments

Players under level 5 no longer had an effect on Campaign results when K.O.d.

Garlic Farmer Conspiracy

Mhaura Garlic, was a popular Synthesis Material used in Meat Mithkabobs. The main source of availability was via Gardening. It was discovered that this item could be purchased for very cheap in unlimited quantities from the Kolshushu Regional Vendors.

It is said that some Gardening farmers used to set their Home Point in Mhaura and purposefully and repeatedly run out of town on a low level job to be defeated by enemies in Buburimu Peninsula. This act would keep the area under Beastmen Control to prevent the appearance of the Regional Vendor. This would effectively limit the supply of Mhaura Garlic and drive up the price on the Auction House for the Gardeners. This act was called "The conspiracy of Farmers of Garlic" by the Japanese community.

A first hand sighting of this event was written on server specific community message boards. It was reprinted in a Cooking thread, and the act became widely recognized.

On many servers, Kolshushu was beastmen controlled for almost a year before this change. Even with this adjustment, many regions continued to be beastmen controlled (Qufim, Elshimo, Aragoneu, etc). Regional merchants became very rare, affecting prices of items such as Yagudo Drink.

"The Meat Mithkabob Era" (or "Yamakushidai Period") ran from approximately September 12th, 2002 to December 9th, 2004. This was the time that Meat Mithkabobs were the most popular food with adventurers. This era ended with the following adjustments: Reduction of the Yield from synthesis from 12 to 6, change of the meal effect duration, the cap added to Attack, and the addition of Accuracy food. After Meat Mithkabobs came the Sushi era until the 2 handed update on August 28th, 2007.

Nov. 16th, 2003
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png Concept Art
The official site was massively updated with Concept Art (for a set fee) and a Creator’s Voice blog. The Concept Art was found inside the Developer’s Room.
Nov. 18th, 2003
    Historybeta.png PlayOnline Plus Beta Testing Begins
Beta testing began for services that included a special e-mail address ([email protected]), mail forwarding and other features.
POL Plus.gif
Dec. 4th, 2003
    Historynews.gif First Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards “Best Online Game” winner
Dec. 9th, 2003
    Historynews.gif Asura Opens
This world was established due to the rising population. Transfer was available from all worlds.
Dec. 12th, 2003
    JPFlag.png "REAL VANA’DIEL" Net Cafe Opens in Akihabara
Melco Online Entertainment opened a net cafe for the enjoyment of FFXI in Akihabara. There was a Mog House resting area (smoking allowed), and staff members dressed up as FFXI characters. Satire jokes arose, such as "I am a Dark Knight. Should I AFK IRL too?"

All computers at the time gauged “Incredibly Tough” against the game’s requirements. See the pictures to the right for a glimpse inside this store and the layout.

See This Link for an article regarding the store.


Realv01.gif Realv02.gif

Dec. 16, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Level Cap 75
New Features & Content
  • The level cap became 75. The final Limit Break quest, "Shattering Stars" was added.
  • Dynamis was originally planned to be released in this update, but it was delayed.
  • New Weapon Skills attainable through quests (WSNM) were implemented.
  • New NMs were added (4 gods in Tu'Lia, Nidhogg, and more).
  • The Storage system was implemented.
    • This answered demands to make furnishings useful, but then started the demand to make storage accessible without making the extremely long trip back to a player's home nation.

Job Adjustments
  • Expeditionary Force was altered, and new areas were added.
  • The ??? marks involved in Limit Break quest 3, "Whence Blows the Wind" were repositioned, making it easier to complete the quest.
  • The Moongate pass was added. Ro'Maeve became a popular leveling spot.
  • The Great Axe WS Shield Break no longer depended on the enemy’s strength, but now lowered Evasion by a set value.
  • High-level physical accuracy was raised (post skill level 200). This allowed players to hit mobs without Madrigal.
  • A number of high-level monsters had their experience point bonus for parties increased.
  • Changing jobs now cleared Song effects.
  • The execution of Sneak Attack was changed so that players must stand directly behind the monster. "Yokodama" could no longer be performed.
  • Resist traits, Bar-spells and songs now provided much more defense against strong enemies. In addition, a message now displayed in the chat log when resisting an effect.
    • These effects were still not very useful against Incredibly Tough monsters.
  • The effects of Killer traits and Circle effects were changed from a Slow effect to an Intimidate effect. In addition, Circle abilities now lasted 1 minute and had a recast time of 10 minutes.
  • High level Weapon Skills (such as Dragon Kick and Shark Bite) were strengthened.
  • The skillchain properties of Tachi: Koki were changed.
  • Level 50-70 monsters in various areas were rearranged.
  • Orcs’ HP was once again adjusted.
  • The movement speed of Behemoth and King Behemoth was raised.
  • Knockback was added to a number of monsters’ special abilities.
  • When entering a BCNM, the time limit, fastest record, and record holder’s name were now displayed.
  • Crafting skills were raised to level 100.
  • Rank 9 Conquest items were introduced. The cost of Warp and Reraise scroll was cut in half.
  • The repop time of treasure boxes was changed. They would also pop much faster if disappearing after a Thief failed to pick them.
  • The Mithra who could bundle arrows now joined the traveling performers.
  • Tree Cuttings could now be grown into Tree Saplings, which subsequently could be used to produce Elemental Ores and ultimately Staves.
  • New Auction House categories were created for Ammo, Others, Materials and Misc.
  • Elemental Staves were given unique models.
  • Players Level 15-19 could now ride Chocobo from the starting three nations. However, their riding time was limited to 15 minutes.
No One Can Help You Now

The final Limit Break quest had players squaring off against Maat alone. Until now, quests could easily be completed with parties, but this time people had to face the challenge alone, leaving many unable to overcome it. Red Mages especially had a rough time, eventually leading to some adjustments to the difficulty. This quest was very unpopular, and some jobs had it much harder than others.

No More Yokodama

Yokodama was the practice of Sneak and Trick Attacking from the side of a monster.

(“Yoko” means side, and “dama” is the first two syllables of Damashiuchi, or Trick Attack).

On this day, it was decided that Sneak Attack would only function properly if one stood directly behind the enemy. The Yokodama was no more.

Square said in an interview the month prior that "Yokodama wasn't planned, and it was making the game too easy. We may consider fixing it." Many players supported this and found it to be making fighting too easy. For some mysterious reason, players then started complaining about the lack of Yokodama after the patch. The spells Flash and Stun were born to alleviate hate control issues.

Tu'Lia Notorious Monsters

New NMs were added to sky, namely Kirin, Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryu and Genbu. At the time, they looked just like any other monsters; even though Byakko means “white tiger,” the model was black. Eventually, these enemies were altered to look unique.

With the sky NM system now implemented, Sky Linkshells were born.


The majority of the WSNMs had bad performance, so the effort needed to obtain them was not well received.

Dec. 16th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Holy Night in Vana’diel
Christmas decorations were put up in all three nations. Players could talk to Moogles once a Vana’diel day to receive Popstar, Brilliant Snow, Sparkling Hand or Air Rider.

This was the start of the yearly Christmas Starlight Celebration in Vana’diel.


Image courtesy of [email protected]

Dec. 26th, 2003
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Pernicious Presents
In various areas, a monsters called Twinkling Treant appeared. This tree had lightbulbs in its branches, similar to a Christmas Tree. Talking to nearby Moogles would impose a level cap and allow one to fight the monster.

It was located in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, and East Sarutabaruta under a Level 20 Cap, in Jugner Forest, Meriphataud Mountains, Pashhow Marshlands under a Level 30 cap, and in Beaucedine Glacier, Eastern Altepa Desert, and Yuhtunga Jungle under a Level 50 cap.

It was announced that defeating the trees would grant the world Outpost Teleportation service. All servers succeeded in attaining this prize.

Destroy the Christmas Tree?! At first, no matter how much you hit the tree, the HP wouldn't decrease. This was a prime weapon/magic skill up opportunity. To prevent this, SE lowered the HP in the middle of the event. This also caused SE to issue a server message saying that if the NM was not killed, that world would not receive OP Warps. Some worlds were able to dispose of the tree quickly, while others just couldn’t manage to take it down. A System Message announced that the event would not end until all servers had won. The ordeal was finally over after Midgardsormr was the last to claim victory.

Twinkling Treant 2003.jpg

The treant can be seen being fought beginning at the 2:00 mark in the following video.

Dec. 29th, 2003
    Historyversionup.png Outpost Teleport Service Begins
As a reward for success in the Christmas event, all worlds were bestowed with Outpost Teleportation Service following a maintenance.

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