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VanaFest 2010 Special Talk Session (02/28/2010) Page 2

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In attendance at the special talk session were Producer Hiromichi Tanaka, Director Koichi Ogawa, Battle Director Akihiko Matsui, planners Yoji Fujito and Mizuki Ito, and Global Online Producer Sage Sundi. The discussion revolved around the new content being planned for the upcoming version update as well as the game's future direction.
  • All announcements made are for content under development, and thus changes may occur without notice.

Job Adjustments

The job adjustments planned for the March version update have been announced, with further discussions revolving around the future direction of all jobs.

Overall Direction

Up until now, most job adjustments have been implemented with ease of party-forming in mind. From this point onwards, we plan to shift the focus towards ease of participation in endgame content. The role of each job will also come under review.

Currently for instance, the role of debuffing enemies is the exclusive domain of only a few jobs, but we intend to examine ways to enable more professions to perform similar roles, empowering each with the capacity to handle a wider range of situations. Our goal is to achieve—without sacrificing the uniqueness of each job—greater ease of participation in endgame content and provide the opportunity for all participants to contribute equally.

The scope of our vision for job adjustments does not stop there, however. Maintaining battle balance remains one of our highest priorities. As such, we intend to conduct reviews on an ongoing basis and introduce new equipment and adjust weapon skills as necessary. It is anticipated that the level cap increase will impact the balance of certain elements more than others. We will keep a close watch on these areas and, if the situation demands, review and reconsider even the adjustments that have been announced. Our ultimate goal is to provide the most rewarding, balanced play environment possible to all adventurers.

March Version Update Job Adjustments

[ Beastmaster ]

Image02-28-2010 7.jpg

The following changes will be made to enhance the usability of the job ability "Call Beast":

- New synergy recipes for the creation of consumable items required to perform the ability will be with a higher rate of yield for HQ items.
- Certain ingredients needed to synthesize/synergize the items will become more readily obtainable.

[ Summoner ]

Image02-28-2010 8.jpg

Two new long-awaited avatars, Alexander and Odin will be added. Both new avatars will appear and do the summoner’s bidding only when Astral Flow is in effect. Be aware, invoking one or the other will automatically initiate Astral Flow, the effect of which will end upon the avatar’s release. In accordance of their introduction, summoners will become able to use the "Astral Flow" job ability even when no avatars have been invoked.

Image02-28-2010 9.jpg

Avatar: Alexander
Uses "Perfect Defense" to reduce damage sustained by party members and prevent status ailments.
- Damage reduction and resistance rate will vary with the summoner’s remaining MP.

Image02-28-2010 10.jpg

Avatar: Odin
Uses "Zantetsuken" to vanquish all foes within the area of effect in one fell strike.
- When used against NMs, will instead deal damage.
- Amount of damage dealt and accuracy will vary with the summoner’s remaining MP.
- More monsters within the area of effect will reduce accuracy.

[ Puppetmaster ]

Image02-28-2010 11.jpg

With adjustments to attributes of the Harlequin and Valoredge X-900 frames and the performance of attachments, automatons will be made more durable against incapacitation. In addition, the hand-to-hand combat rating of puppetmasters will be raised from rank C to A, making them formidable combatants in their own right.

Future Direction of All Jobs

The future direction of adjustments for all jobs beyond the March version update will be announced at a later date.

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