Vegetable Vegetable Crisis

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Vegetable Vegetable Crisis.jpg
Vegetable Vegetable Crisis
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Amchuchu (Inventors' Coalition, Western Adoulin)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Inventor Extraordinaire
Repeatable No
Description Amchuchu asks you deliver a missive
to Cid proclaiming that Junior's plan
fell through--but first, she wants you
to bring back a midrium ingot, some
urunday lumber, and a square of
raaz leather.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Vegetable Vegetable Evolution

Raptor Rapture

Vegetable Vegetable Frustration
Midrium Ingot, Urunday Lumber, and Raaz Leather
12 Rarab Tail, 2000 bayld


Note: Raptor Rapture is required -- some information about that quest is mentioned in one of the cutscenes.

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