Veridical Conflux 1

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Battlefield Information
Type: Walk of Echoes
Entry Item: Kupofried's medallion Cost: 1000g
Zone: Walk of Echoes
Requirement: Must be on or past the Cait Sith mission in WoTG
Level Cap: 70+
Participants {{{number}}}
Time Limit 45* minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Caldera Crab Check.gif Crab Paladin 3
Damask Crab Eks.gif Crab Paladin 9
Cyanic Crab Eks.gif Crab Paladin 9

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
Coin of Advancement Item Chest
Coin of Birth Item Chest
Coin of Decay Item Chest
Coin of Glory Item Chest
Coin of Ruin Item Chest
Frayed Pouch of Birth Item Chest
Devious Die Item Chest
Shell V Scrolls Chest
Sasuke Tekko Hands Chest
Austerity Belt Waist Chest
Thrift Gloves Hands Chest
Belisama's Rope Waist Chest
Ardor Pendant Neck Chest
Karagoz Mantle Back Chest
Adaman Ore Item Chest
Aisha: Ichi Scrolls Chest
Beech Log Item Chest
Carnelian Item Chest
Flocon-de-mer Item Chest
Foe Requiem VII Scrolls Chest
Light Opal Scrolls Chest
Mythril Ingot Scrolls Chest
Phrygian Ore Scrolls Chest
Stone V Scrolls Chest


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