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Veridical Conflux 13

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Battlefield Information
Type: Walk of Echoes
Entry Item: Kupofried's medallion Cost: 1000g
Zone: Walk of Echoes
Requirement: Must be on or past the Cait Sith mission in WoTG
Level Cap: 70+
Participants 36
Time Limit 45* minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Raidne Check.gif Harpeia N/A 1
Ligeia Check.gif Harpeia N/A 1
Leucosia Check.gif Harpeia N/A 1
Sanguine Sapsucker Eks.gif Lesser Bird N/A 8
Malicious Magpie Eks.gif Lesser Bird N/A 8

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
Liminal Residue Item Chest
Windbuffet Belt Item Chest
Thuellaic Ecu Item Chest
Scopuli Nails Item Chest
Hasty Pinion Item Chest
Coin of Birth Item Chest
Gold Beastcoin Item Chest
Ametrine Item Chest
Mahogany Log Item Chest
Ram Horn Item Chest
Darksteel Ingot Item Chest
Coin of Advancement Item Chest


  • Bosses will roam the entire area.
  • Typical strategy for this seems to be to avoid as many minor birds as possible and kill the bosses with a combination of Garuda, Shiva, and suiciding DDs.
    • NQ Birds monsters are often killed if they are in the way and do not really pose much of a threat. They have low HP.
    • If you are an unweakened Summoner with full MP, it is a good idea to announce when you are going to Perfect Defense so that melee can come and get buffed.

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