Veridical Conflux 15

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Battlefield Information
Type: Walk of Echoes
Entry Item: Kupofried's medallion Cost: 1000g
Zone: Walk of Echoes
Requirement: Must be on or past the Cait Sith mission in WoTG
Level Cap: 70+
Participants 36
Time Limit 45* minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Mingyi Check.gif Caturae N/A 1
Sitke Eks.gif Caturae N/A 1
Sin Eks.gif Caturae N/A 1
Myin Eks.gif Caturae N/A 1
Yahhta Eks.gif Caturae N/A 1
Ne Eks.gif Caturae N/A 1
Scorched Yanthu Eks.gif Elemental N/A 3
Glaciated Yanthu Eks.gif Elemental N/A 3
Electrified Yanthu Eks.gif Elemental N/A 3
Entombed Yanthu Eks.gif Elemental N/A 3

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
Liminal Residue Item Chest
Lunette Ring Item Chest
Engulfer Cape Item Chest
Nefarious Collar Item Chest
Elder Grip Item Chest
Nomkahpa Mittens Item Chest
Sphene Item Chest
Gold Beastcoin Item Chest
Darksteel Ingot Item Chest
Mythril Ore Item Chest


  • Total of 6 Caturae, 4 around the fountain, one at the top of some steps leading down to an area with the the last.
    • Mingyi is the only mob that is required to clear this conflux.
    • Mingyi will call in other Caturae and elementals, having a coordinated effort with people to aggro them to keep away from the main group can be very successful.
    • Each Caturae is a clone of those found in Abyssea zones including a Rani clone which uses Enthrall (AoE Charm and Caturae costume).
  • Lots of dual-element HQ Abyssea-style elementals.
    • Elementals use TP moves which can inflict massive damage and status effect.
    • Cast Tier V single target, -ja spells and enfeebling magic based on type.
    • Take full magic damage but significantly reduced physical damage.

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