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Version Update Appetizers! (04/08/2009)

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The fast-approaching April version update is set to be a veritable banquet of adjustments and additions catering to all adventurer palates, with the dishes on offer ranging from succulent morsels of Salvage to delightful bite-sized treats such as the new "/bell" text command.

/bell Command Bonbons!

Image04-08-2009 0.jpg

Using the "/bell" command while equipped with either a "Dream Bell" or "Dream Bell+1" obtainable from the 2008 Starlight Celebration event will allow your character to flourish said bell to a jovial chime. To specify a note in an octave, simply add a space followed by a number from 1 and 8 to the text command. Synthesis variants of the abovementioned bell items will be introduced in the coming version update to accommodate adventurers who were either unable to acquire a dream bell, or had unwittingly discarded theirs.

Fellows Flambé!

Image04-08-2009 1.jpg

In the past, fellows could only be attired with special event gear for the duration of the events from which they are sourced. From the next version update, however, your adventuring fellow may be outfitted with such items regardless of the occasion if called while you are equipped with certain pieces of equipment. Furthermore, the selection of equipment items obtainable by exchanging fellow points will be expanded.

Salvage Sauté!

As part of the initiative to revise the difficulty level and drop rate for all Remnants, the following changes will take place:

Image04-08-2009 2.jpg

- Bhaflau Remnants:
The spawning requirements for the NM "Mad Bomber" will be adjusted so that it will appear regardless of the route chosen by the player.

Image04-08-2009 3.jpg

- Silver Sea Remnants:
The drop rate for items obtainable from NMs that appear when certain conditions are fulfilled will increase slightly.