Vial of translurry

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Vial of translurry

Key Item Information

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Category: Temporary Key Items
Description: A peculiar liquid with flecked with
bits of indeterminate matter
suspended within, this mixture is
used for transmuting certain pieces
of equipment.

Item Usage

Obtained From...
NPC Name Zone Cost/Quest/BCNM/ISNM
Treasure Coffer Yorcia Weald (U) Successfully complete a Skirmish.
Used in
Type Name
Divainy-Gamainy Skirmish Weapon transmutation


  • This key item is obtained randomly upon opening a personal crate after successfully completing a Skirmish in Yorcia Weald (U).
  • The key item is used to transmute Skirmish Weapons from the NQ to +1 version. The key item is expended in the process and must be reobtained; however, only one key item can be held at once, so it must be expended to transmute a weapon before it can be obtained again.

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