Vial of transmelange

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Vial of transmelange

Key Item.png Key Item Description Pages on this wiki that reference this item
Type Description
Temporary Key Items A peculiar liquid flecked with
bits of indeterminate matter
suspended within, this mixture is
used for transmuting certain pieces
of equipment.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Treasure Coffer Outer Ra'Kaznar (U) Successfully complete a Skirmish.
Lola Eastern Adoulin Exchange 6 Pulchridopt Wings
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Divainy-Gamainy Skirmish Weapon and Skirmish Armor transmutation


  • This key item is obtained randomly upon opening a personal crate after successfully completing a Skirmish in Outer Ra'Kaznar (U).
  • The key item is used to transmute Skirmish Weapons from the +1 to +2 version and Skirmish Armor to the +1 version.
    • The key item is expended in the process and must be reobtained; however, only one key item can be held at once, so it must be expended to transmute an item before it can be obtained again.

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