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While participation in the vast majority of Voidwatch battles is possible without quest progression.
Provenance and its four battlefields can only be accessed if the player has progressed to the climax of the Voidwatch Jeuno region line of quests.

Jeuno Region Quests Other Region Quests
Quest Reward Quest Reward
Guardian of the Void Voidwatch Ops: Border Crossing Ashen stratum abyssite (start)
Drafted by the Duchy Voidwatcher's emblem: Jeuno,
White stratum abyssite
Subquest: VW Op. 054: Elshimo List
Battle on a New Front Voidwatcher's emblem: Qufim,
White stratum abyssite III,
30,000 gil
Subquest: VW Op. 101: Detour to Zepwell
VW Op. 126: Qufim Incursion 50,000 gil VW Op. 115: Li'Telor Variant Ashen stratum abyssite II (start)
Ashen stratum abyssite III (completion)
A Cait Calls Skyward Ho, Voidwatcher!
The Truth Is Out There
Re-Drafted by the Duchy White stratum abyssite IV,
Tricolor Voidwatcher's emblem
VW Op. 050: Aht Urhgan Assault Amber stratum abyssite
A New Menace White stratum abyssite V,
50,000 gil
VW Op. 068: Subterranean Skirmish Amber stratum abyssite II (start)
No Rest for the Weary White stratum abyssite VI,
Starlight Voidwatcher's emblem
Side Quest: VW Op. 115: Valkurm Duster VW Op. 026: Tavnazian Terrors Hyacinth stratum abyssite
Side Quest: VW Op. 118: Buburimu Squall VW Op. 004: Bibiki Bombardment Hyacinth stratum abyssite II (start)
A World in Flux 30,000 gil
Between a Rock and Rift
A Farewell to Felines
Third Tour of Duchy
Glimmer of Hope Kupofried's corundum
Brace for the Unknown Clairvoy ant, Provenance access
Crystal Guardian
Endings and Beginnings
Ad Infinitum

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