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At the start of any Voidwatch battle, several weakness triggers are chosen and grouped into various levels. There will be six normal vulnerabilities The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing yellow abilities on the monster., two high vulnerabilities The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing red abilities on the monster., and one extreme vulnerability The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing white abilities on the monster.. Weaknesses are chosen randomly from any of the job or pet abilities, weapon skills, and spells listed in the tables below and hints to those weakness triggers are provided by various periapt items acquired from Voidwatch Officers. Once a weakness is hit, it will be replaced randomly with the same level weakness (normal or high, extreme weaknesses can only be hit once per battle), but not necessarily the same kind of trigger (ability, weapon skill, or spell).

Targeting an enemy's weakness results in the following:

  • Spectral alignments raised
  • Slight cumulative reduction in enemy attack and magic attack power for the remaining duration of the battle.
  • Restoration of one or all temporary items used.
  • Stagger of the enemy (temporary terror effect depending on the level of vulnerability).
  • Synchronic Blitz (results in increased alignment yield based on damage done and offensive abilities used during stagger).

Appropriate timing of the weakness trigger during a monster's TP move or spellcast will cause it to yield additional alignment bonus and, in the case of normal vulnerabilities, additional temporary items and duration. This timing window is increasingly small on higher tier NMs and essentially non-existent on NMs such as Bismarck and Morta. See the weakness section of the Voidwatch page for more information.

If a weapon skill, ability, or spell has no effect (except Dispel & Magic Finale), is completely resisted, or completely misses, it cannot trigger a weakness even if it is the vulnerability and must be tried again. For example, Poison and Poisonga cannot overwrite Poison II if it has already been applied, and so they cannot trigger weakness until the Poison II effect wears off.

If a set of weaknesses is particularly difficult to hit and the monster has been alive for five minutes or longer, the current hate target of the monster may use the "/fume" emote on the monster. This will cause the "aura" of the monster to change, and choose an entirely new set of weaknesses. This will not create a new extreme weakness if it has already been hit. For every five minutes the monster is alive, this can be used once (for example, after 10 minutes of fighting, the weaknesses can be changed twice in a row).

Job Ability Vulnerabilities

  • Jobs not listed in the table below do not have any job abilities that can be weakness triggers. Ability weakness messages may be displayed upon using any offensive job ability or weapon skill with a periapt of guidance in possession, and are specified by job or type of pet.
Job Weakness Triggers
Black Mage Enmity Douse
Corsair Fire Shot Ice Shot Wind Shot Earth Shot Thunder Shot Water Shot
Dancer Quickstep Stutter Step Box Step Feather Step Violent Flourish Animated Flourish Desperate Flourish Wild Flourish
Dark Knight Weapon Bash
Dragoon Jump High Jump Spirit Jump Soul Jump
Monk Chi Blast
Paladin Shield Bash
Ranger Shadowbind
Scholar Libra
Thief Bully
Warrior Provoke

Pet Vulnerabilities

  • Offensive abilities acquired by beastmaster jug pets can trigger weaknesses. All pet abilities are considered the same weakness.
  • Offensive automaton special abilities and weapon skills can trigger weaknesses. All automaton abilities and weapon skills are considered the same weakness.
  • Avatar blood pact weaknesses are specified by element (with a periapt of sapience) and the possible triggers are listed in the table below:
Element Avatar Weakness Trigger
Light Carbuncle Holy Mist
Darkness Diabolos Night Terror
Fenrir Lunar Bay
Fire Ifrit Fire IV
Ice Shiva Blizzard IV
Wind Garuda Aero IV
Earth Titan Stone IV
Lightning Ramuh Thunder IV
Water Leviathan Water IV

Weapon Skill Vulnerabilities

  • All offensive weapon skills are potential weakness triggers except Relic, Mythic, Empyrean, and Aeonic weapon skills. There are 8-12 potential vulnerabilities for each weapon type. Weapon skill messages may be displayed upon using any offensive job ability or weapon skill with a periapt of guidance in possession, and are specified by weapon type.
Weapon Weakness Triggers
Archery Flaming Arrow Piercing Arrow Dulling Arrow Sidewinder Blast Arrow Arching Arrow
Empyreal Arrow Refulgent Arrow
Axe Raging Axe Smash Axe Gale Axe Avalanche Axe Spinning Axe Rampage
Calamity Mistral Axe Decimation Bora Axe
Automaton All automaton weapon skills and offensive abilities are considered the same weakness.
Club Shining Strike Seraph Strike Brainshaker Skullbreaker True Strike Judgment
Hexa Strike Black Halo Flash Nova
Dagger Wasp Sting Gust Slash Shadowstitch Viper Bite Cyclone Energy Steal
Energy Drain Dancing Edge Shark Bite Evisceration Aeolian Edge
Great Axe Shield Break Iron Tempest Sturmwind Armor Break Keen Edge Weapon Break
Raging Rush Full Break Steel Cyclone Fell Cleave
Great Katana Tachi: Enpi Tachi: Hobaku Tachi: Goten Tachi: Kagero Tachi: Jinpu Tachi: Koki
Tachi: Yukikaze Tachi: Gekko Tachi: Kasha Tachi: Ageha
Great Sword Hard Slash Power Slash Frostbite Freezebite Shockwave Crescent Moon
Sickle Moon Spinning Slash Ground Strike Herculean Slash
Hand-to-Hand Combo Shoulder Tackle One Inch Punch Backhand Blow Raging Fists Spinning Attack
Howling Fist Dragon Kick Asuran Fists Tornado Kick
Katana Blade: Rin Blade: Retsu Blade: Teki Blade: To Blade: Chi Blade: Ei
Blade: Jin Blade: Ten Blade: Ku Blade: Yu
Marksmanship Hot Shot Split Shot Sniper Shot Slug Shot Blast Shot Heavy Shot
Detonator Numbing Shot
Polearm Double Thrust Thunder Thrust Raiden Thrust Leg Sweep Penta Thrust Vorpal Thrust
Skewer Wheeling Thrust Impulse Drive Sonic Thrust
Scythe Slice Dark Harvest Shadow of Death Nightmare Scythe Spinning Scythe Vorpal Scythe
Guillotine Cross Reaper Spiral Hell Infernal Scythe
Staff Heavy Swing Rock Crusher Earth Crusher Starburst Sunburst Shell Crusher
Full Swing Spirit Taker Retribution Cataclysm
Sword Fast Blade Burning Blade Red Lotus Blade Flat Blade Shining Blade Seraph Blade
Circle Blade Spirits Within Vorpal Blade Swift Blade Savage Blade Sanguine Blade

Magic Vulnerabilities

Magic Type Fire Earth Water Wind Ice Lightning Light Darkness
Black Magic
White Magicw
Pyrohelix Geohelix Hydrohelix Anemohelix Cryohelix Ionohelix Luminohelix Noctohelix
Fire II Stone II Water II Aero II Blizzard II Thunder II Drain
Fire III Stone III Water III Aero III Blizzard III Thunder III Aspir
Fire IV Stone IV Water IV Aero IV Blizzard IV Thunder IV Absorb-TP
Firaga Stonega Waterga Aeroga Blizzaga Thundaga Absorb-ACC
Firaga II Stonega II Waterga II Aeroga II Blizzaga II Thundaga II Absorb-STR
Firaga III Stonega III Waterga III Aeroga III Blizzaga III Thundaga III Absorb-DEX
Firaja Stoneja Waterja Aeroja Absorb-AGI
Flare Quake Flood Tornado Freeze Burst Banish IIw Absorb-VIT
Banish IIIw Absorb-INT
Burn Rasp Drown Choke Frost Shock Banishgaw Absorb-MND
Poison Stun Banishga IIw Absorb-CHR
Poison II Holyw Bio II
Poisonga Flashw
Dia IIw Blind
Addlew Sloww Paralyzew Diagaw Dispel
Ninjutsu Katon: Ichi Doton: Ichi Suiton: Ichi Huton: Ichi Hyoton: Ichi Raiton: Ichi Kurayami: Ichi
Katon: Ni Doton: Ni Suiton: Ni Huton: Ni Hyoton: Ni Raiton: Ni Kurayami: Ni
Hojo: Ichi Dokumori: Ichi Jubaku: Ichi Yurin: Ichi
Hojo: Ni Aisha: Ichi
Bard Songs Ice Threnody Ltng. Threnody Fire Threnody Earth Threnody Wind Threnody Water Threnody Dark Threnody Light Threnody
Battlefield Elegy Magic Finale
Carnage Elegy
Blue Magic Firespit (5) Sandspin (2) Acrid Stream (3) Hecatomb Wave (3) Infrasonics (4) Temporal Shift (5) Actinic Burst (4) Death Ray (2)
Heat Breath (4) Magnetite Cloud (3) Maelstrom (5) Myster. Light (4) Ice Break (3) Mind Blast (4) Radiant Breath (4) Eyes on Me (4)
Thermal Pulse (3) Cim. Discharge (3) Corrosive Ooze (4) Leafstorm (4) Cold Wave (1) Chrgd. Whisker (4) Blank Gaze (2) Sandspray (2)
Blastbomb (2) Bad Breath (5) Cursed Sphere (2) Reaving Wind (4) Frost Breath (3) Blitzstrahl (4) Lgt. of Penance (5)
Points: (14) Points: (13) Points: (14) Points: (15) Points: (11) Points: (17) Points: (15) Points: (8)
  • With two Blue Mages, having one set Darkness, Thunder, Light, and Wind while the other sets Fire, Earth, Ice, and Water will distribute the set point costs nearly evenly. Other configurations work as well, this is simply a quick reference.

Provenance Notes

Since there is no spectral alignment in Provenance, weaknesses will have no effect on items obtained and do not result in a Synchronic Blitz. However, temporary items will still be granted, monsters will still be staggered, and monsters' attack and magic attack power will still be reduced by targeting weaknesses.

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