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Location: Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (H-11)
Type: Guild Vendor
Description: Merchant for the Fishing Guild (Open 1-18, closed Lightsday).

Although no Conquest Restrictions apply to the items, they are however subject to supply and demand rules.

Items will run out and may not be available until other players have sold it to the store.

Item Name

Price (gil)


Little Worm 3
Lugworm 9
Sardine Ball 52
Crayfish Ball 52
Insect Ball 30
Trout Ball 52
Meatball 52
Sliced Sardine 213
Sliced Cod 213
Peeled Lobster 220
Slice of Bluetail 52
Peeled Crayfish 52
Slice of Carp 52
Fly Lure 540
Minnow 303
Worm Lure 540
Sabiki Rig 2,394
Willow Fish. Rod 44
Yew Fishing Rod 145
Bamboo Fish. Rod 332
Fastwater F. Rod 934
Tarutaru F. Rod 4,077
Mithran Fish. Rod 25,740
Clothespole 1,980
S.H. Fishing Rod 9,657
Denizanasi 31
Crayfish 30

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