Waking the Beast

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Were you looking for Waking the Beast II?

Waking the Beast
Required Fame Other Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC ??? (Carbuncle), La Theine Plateau (G-6)
Pack None
Title Disturber of Slumber, or Interrupter of Dreams
Repeatable Yes
Description Carbuncle wants you to visit all the protocrystals and gather the elemental energy of the sleeping gods. Will their imminent awakening mean fortune or doom for Vana'diel? Only Carbuncle's ancient friend at the Full Moon Fountain may know...
Previous Quest Next Quest


Note:You must first have obtained spirit pacts with the 6 summonable Celestial avatars before you are presented with the Rainbow resonator.

  • You must collect six key items dropped from six battles against much harder versions of the 6 Celestial avatars.
  • Each battle takes place at the avatar's respective Cloister.
    • The battlefields allow for up to 18 players to enter at once.
    • The avatars are level 85 and have access to their meritable Blood Pacts.
    • The avatars are able to use their Astral Flow move at any time.
    • Each Avatar is supported by four elementals who share hate with the avatar.
      • The elementals can cure the avatar by casting a tier IV elemental nukes on it.
      • The elementals will not respawn unless the avatar uses their meritable Blood Pact, spawning one with a maximum of four at a time.
        • If the target of the Blood Pact dies to the Blood Pact, an elemental will not spawn.
      • Each of the elemental's melee attacks have the added effect of the corresponding debuff.
    • Defeating each avatar will award you with the appropriate key item.
  • Once you have obtained all six key items, proceed to Full Moon Fountain for a cutscene and the last Battle.
    • Up to 18 players are allowed to enter this battlefield at once.
    • The battle will begin against Carbuncle.
    • Once Carbuncle's health reaches 75%, he will disappear and will be replaced by one of the 6 summonable Celestial Avatars.
    • After that avatar is defeated, Carbuncle will re-appear with 75% health.
    • Once Carbuncle's health reaches 50%, he will disappear and will be replaced by two of the remaining 6 summonable Celestial Avatars.
    • After the next two avatars are defeated, Carbuncle will re-appear with 50% health.
    • When Carbuncle's health reaches 25%, he will disappear once again and be replaced by the remaining 3 summonable Celestial Avatars.
    • Once the three avatars are defeated, five Carbuncle Primes will spawn at once.
    • Defeat all five Carbuncle Primes to win the battle.
  • During the cutscene you are given a choice to return the Faded ruby to Carbuncle. Your choice determines the title given to you when the quest is complete.
    • Choosing to return the ruby will give you the title of "Disturber of Slumber".
    • Choosing not to return the ruby will give you the title of "Interrupter of Dreams".
  • Return to the ??? (G-6) in La Theine Plateau.
  • The six key items are not lost upon defeat, but lost upon winning the fight.


  • Every player who participates in the final fight will receive a Carbuncle's Pole.
  • All other quest rewards are randomly dropped at the end of the Carbuncle Prime battle.
  • You must wait until the Conquest Tally is updated for the week before you can repeat this quest.

Strategy: The final fight can be duoed by two well geared Summoners. The strategy is as follows:

  • 1. Defeat the Carbuncles and Celestial Avatars up until the 3 Celestial Avatars pop.
  • 2. Defeat two of the three Celestial Avatars.
  • 3. Bring the last Celestial Avatar down to about 10% without using Blood Pact: Rages.
  • 4. At this point, one Summoner should Astral Flow and use Alexander.
  • 5. After Alexander is finished, quickly siphon more MP while the other Summoner kills the last Celestial Avatar using Avatar melee only.
  • 6. When the 5 Carbuncle Primes spawn, each Summoner should take one and kill it with a Blood Pact.
  • 7. This leaves 3 Carbuncle Primes left and removes the danger of the Searing Light that they spam. Killing the rest is not a challenge.

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