Warlock's Armor Set +1

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Warlock's Armor Set

Warlock's Armor Set +1
(Red Mage only)
Level 74
Warlock's Chapeau +1
DEF:24 MP+25 INT+5
Elemental Magic Skill+10
Enhances Fast Cast effect
  • This item allows you to cast spells 10% faster, and lowers the recast by 5%.
Warlock's Tabard +1
DEF:44 MP+34
Spell Interruption Rate down 12, Enfeebling Magic Skill+15
MP recovered while healing +5
Warlock's Gloves +1
DEF:17 MP+17 DEX+6 INT+2 MND+2
Parrying Skill+15
Warlock's Tights +1
DEF:33 MP+18 MND+5
Healing Magic Skill+10
Enhancing Magic Skill+15
Warlock's Boots +1
DEF:15 MP+16 AGI+3 INT+3 MND+3
Shield Skill+10

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