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Location: Rabao - (G-9)
Type: Fame NPC
Description: Indicates the fame level of a player via a series of responses


  • Waylea gives players an estimate of their accumulated fame in Rabao. For each new level of fame she will give corresponding responses varying from 1 (lowest fame), to 9 (highest fame). They are:

Fame NPC Dialog
1 Huh? ≺Player Name≻?

Never heard that name before. Is that somebody famous? Oh, that's you? Hmm. I'm guessing you haven't been taking on many requests from people. You know, if you keep that up, no one is going to remember you. Even doing small favors is fine at first. If you help out a lot of different people, you'll slowly gain their trust. Before you know it, everyone will know your name.

2 ...≺Player Name≻?

I think I have some vague memory of hearing that name somewhere... Nope, it's gone. But this just goes to show how few people know you around here. You've gotta put yourself out there more, my young adventurer friend.

3 Hm? ≺Player Name≻?

I've heard that name before. Seems you're building yourself a good reputation. But you've still got a long way to go until you can say you're truly famous. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so keep at it!

4 Hello, ≺Player Name≻.

I've heard your name mentioned once or twice around these parts lately. You're coming up in the world, but don't slow down now!

5 Oh, it's ≺Player Name≻.

Your name comes up quite a lot in conversation these days. You must be keeping busy out there. Listening to the talk about you around the oasis just makes me swell up with pride. I know it's strange, but I love to hear about adventurers doing well in Rabao. Keep up the good work, ≺Player Name≻.

6 Wow, ≺Player Name≻!

There's hardly a soul in all of Rabao who hasn't heard your name! I could hardly believe the stir you've been making. You've entered the ranks of the truly great adventurers! But don't be content with your position; aim for the very top!

7 ≺Player Name≻!

Every time I speak with you, you seem to have gained in status. Pretty soon, I'm gonna have to start making appointments to talk to you! There isn't a person in the whole of Rabao who hasn't heard of you. I never dreamed you would come so far!

8 Greetings, ≺Player Name≻.

Your endeavors in neighboring countries have reached us here in Rabao, and the glory of your reputation precedes you. I feel honored to have known you before you became so famous. Good luck with your continuing adventurers!

9 Ah, ≺Player Name≻.

I've known you since you were just starting out around here, but to think you would go on to achieve such glory... In Rabao and beyond, your name is on everyone's lips. It wouldn't be going too far to say you've achieved the status of hero in my eyes. May the blessings of the Goddess Altana watch over your continuing endeavors.

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