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Western Adoulin

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Connected Zone Western Adoulin Arrives at
Eastern Adoulin M-8/9 Western Adoulin Map.png C-8/9 Eastern Adoulin Map.png
Rala Waterways F-5 Western Adoulin Map.png B-5 Rala Waterways Map.png
Rala Waterways K-8 Western Adoulin Map.png G-6 Rala Waterways Map.png
Rala Waterways J-12 Western Adoulin Map.png F-11 Rala Waterways Map.png
Ceizak Battlegrounds C-9 Western Adoulin Map.png K-7 Ceizak Battlegrounds Map.png
Zone Image
Japanese 西アドゥリン
Map Acquisition Pioneer Registration
Requires Onward to Adoulin
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Region The Sacred City of Adoulin
Zone Type City


Name Map Pos. Notes
Gehlvik 1 D-9 Cutscene replay bard
Debadle-Levadle 1 H-8 Title Bard
Gemmerick 1 F-10 Auction House Info NPC
Sylvie 1 I-5 Geomancer Job Quest NPC
Brenton 1 E-8 Grants Pioneer's Badge, Map of West/East Adoulin
Levil 1 E-8
Alienor 1 E-8 Quest/Waypoint NPC
Dewalt 1 G-7
Barenngo 1 E-8
Bilp 1 E-8
Eamonn 1 E-8 Quest
Pagnelle 1 G-10 Quest
Gontrain 1 H-12
Peladi Shalmohr 1 G-10 Quest
Minnifi Delqabba 1 I-11
Volgoi 1 D-9
Rising Solstice 1 D-9 Quest
Ruth 1 D-8
Berstrogus 1 E-9
Zaoso 1 E-8
Nikkhail 1 E-8
Oka Qhantari 1 D-8
Orenna 1 G-9
Mosil-Nosil 1 F-9
Behff Oibbah 1 I-8/J-8 Moves east and west
Flapano 1 I-8 Food merchant/Quest
Lollano 1 J-8
Fervent Horizon 1 G-10
Ribbolian 1 H-9
Clemmar 1 G-8
Vaulois 1 H-6 Quest
Orfbis 1 G-9
Mastan 1 G-6
Shipilolo 1 J-9
Chanteillie 1 J-10
Terwok 1 K-10
Nylene 1 H-10
Quam Jitahr 1 F-11
Charutata 1 G-10
Phileem 1 G-11
Marjoirelle 1 H-12
Virsaint 1 H-8
Grevan 1 I-8
Gorad 1 H-11
Merleg 1 H-11 Quest
Noan 1 H-10/H-11 Moves north and south
Clautaire 1 I-12
Dangueubert 1 H-11 Rent-a-room help info NPC
Defliaa 1 I-11 Breaded foods merchant
Ansegusele 1 I-11 Fruits and vegetables merchant
Tevigogo 1 D-9 HELM and misc. merchant
Safrick 1 H-6/H-7 moves north and south
Andrival 1 H-4/H-5 moves north and south
Westerly Breeze 1 I-5 Quest
Coltrone 1 F-6/H-6 walks west and east on ramp
Ornery Dhole 1 I-10 Inventors item vendor
Benjamien 1 J-10 Augments Delve equipment
Forri-Porri 1 I-10 Trades Mweya Plasm for Delve equipment
Detrovio 1 J-10 Augments JSE Capes
Berghent 1 J-9
Ceciliotte 1 J-9 Mog Gardens Vendor
Illi-Milli 1 L-8
Ivoh Haalameb 1 D-9
Levil 1 E-8 Mission Starter
Ravoignac 1 E-8 Frontier Bivouac Status
Name Map Pos. Notes
Rewardox 1 H-10 Gobbie Mystery Box NPC
Ugtoor 1 J-9 Inventor's Coalition NPC
Wescolina 1 H-7 Geomancer Artifact NPC
Zenicca 1 E-9 Mog Garden Key Item Vendor
Neivaig 1 F-6/G-6/H-6 walks east and west on ramp
Prah Janimhar 1 J-9 Augments Wildskeeper Reive 115 Armor and Weapons.
Nargoht 1 H-5
Kongramm 1 I-5
Katya 1 H-6
Jorin 1 J-4 Quest
Ledericus 1 H-5 Sells Geomancer black magic spells
Ishvad 1 I-5 Sells Geomancer Indi spells
Eukalline 1 I-5 Sells Geomancer Indi spells
Delionna 1 H-4
Preterig 1 H-9 Drink Merchant
Hujette 1 H-9 Sweets Merchant
Kanil 1 K-8 Food ingredients merchant
Theophylacte 1 K-9 Medicine merchant
Illi-Milli 1 L-8
Aindemont 1 L-9
Kipligg 1 G-7
Herchambaut 1 J-9
Floralie 1 E-8 Pioneer's Trailblazing merchant
Auscanard 1 G-7 Courier's Coalition merchant
Micah 1 F-10 Delivery Box NPC
Cefantia 1 E-10 Delivery Box NPC
Ugtoor 1 J-9 Inventor's Coalition goods merchant
Rienne 1 J-9 Inventor's Coalition Tincture merchant
Heemo-Weemo 1 J-10 Inventor's Coalition augments
Divainy-Gamainy 1 J-10 Inventor's Coalition augments
Masad 1 G-10 Exchanges reward items for Mummers Medals points.
Kerney 1 G-11 Mummers Coalition Guess That Number game host
Fleuricette 1 D-8 Casts Ionis
Macera 1 I-11 Stores armor sets
Rispa-Merispa 1 G-7 Courier's Coalition Deliveries Info NPC
Porter Moogle 1 H-11 Stores equipment
Jausephiane 1 G-7 Waypoints to middle land cities
Sebohl Reccohta 1 E-8 Pioneers field gear merchant
Bastingart 1 G-11 Mummers Coalition blackjack game host
Wortherton 1 J-10 Sells crafting enhancement equipment
Farso-Dafarso 1 G-8 Offers a town movement speed bonus.
Kithvalio 1 E-8 Sells HELM enhancing key items.
Iscandelle 1 G-11 Mummers game host
Etienne 1 G-10 Mummers game host
Civil Registrar 1 In all Coalition buildings
Task Delegator 1 In all Coalition buildings
Delivery Specialist 1 H-11 Delivery
Ansegusele 1 I-11 Food Merchant
Duberasson 1 H-11 RoE Quests
Eternal Flame 1 H-11 Records of Eminence
Gaddiux 1 J-10 Rune Fencer Artifact Quests
Louisareaux 1 F-8
Nunaarl Bthtrogg 1 H-11 Unity NPC
Octavernost 1 K-9 Rune Fencer Empyrean
Palomel 1 G-9
Polished Pebble 1 J-10

Historical Significance


Western Adoulin hosts 4 of the 6 Colonization Coalitions.

It contains an Auction House, Waypoints, and a Rent-a-Room.


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