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What Price Loyalty

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What Price Loyalty
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Gentle Tiger, Bastok Markets (S)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Presidential Protector
Repeatable No
Description Apprehended in Beaucedine after deserting his unit, Zeid awaits punishment in a dark cell of Benedikt Watchtower. Can nothing be done to save him from his fate? At his friend Gentle Tiger's behest, you travel to North Gustaberg to offer your aid.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Beneath the Mask The Truth Lies Hid
Fourth Staff


  • Speak to Gentle Tiger in Bastok Markets (S)- (H-6) to begin the quest and to receive the Key Item: Sack of victuals.
  • Go to the Benedikt Watchtower in North Gustaberg (S) at (E-11) and speak to Roderich.
  • Speak to Gentle Tiger.
  • Go to Xarcabard (S) for a cutscene and the Key Item: Commander's endorsement.
  • Go to Xarcabard (S), examine the Forbidding Portal at (I-7) for a cutscene. Examine it again to enter the battlefield.
    • You will not lose buffs when entering the battlefield.
    • When entering, you will fight one humanoid who uses all sword weaponskills, frequently double attacks, and uses Mighty Strikes at 50%.
    • Your opponent will randomly pick a player and that player will loose all enmity.
    • Magic spells (especially nukes and enhancing magic) seem to gain disproportionate enmity in this battle.
    • At approximately 50% your opponent will do a monster two-hour animation and gain access to a new AoE weaponskill named Temblor Blade with the additional effect of petrify.
    • Should you lose this battle, speak to Gentle Tiger for another Commander's endorsement.
  • Speak to Gentle Tiger for a cutscene and your reward.

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