Whence Blows the Wind

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Whence Blows the Wind
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 56
Starting NPC Maat, Ru'Lude Gardens
Pack None
Title Sky Breaker
Repeatable No
Description Your innate limits can be pushed further by collecting the crests of the Orcs, the Quadav, and the Yagudo.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Atop the Highest Mountains Riding on the Clouds
Raises level cap to 65


  • Speak to Maat on a level 56 job. He will ask you for three key items deep in the beastmen strongholds.
Zone Position Key Item
Monastic Cavern (J-6) Orcish crest
Qulun Dome (J-7) Quadav crest
Castle Oztroja (H-6) Yagudo crest
  • A ??? spot appears in each of these areas, and are close to True-Sight/Sound Notorious Monsters.

Orcish Crest

Note: Either you or a player assisting you must possess the Crimson orb Key Item from a mini-quest below.

  • Then exit the Monastic Caverns at (I-8).
  • Proceed to the (J-9) entrance to Monastic Caverns, you or a partner will need a Crimson orb Key Item from Sedal-Godjal to access it though.
  • Take care as orcs around this wall will aggro you after dropping invisible and interrupt the prompt to open the wall.


Crimson Orb Obtainment:

  • After following the path mentioned above speak to Sedal-Godjal in Davoi at (J-8) just north of the (J-9) Wall of Banishing.
  • Proceed to and touch the Wall of Banishing to the south at (J-9), then return to him to get the base Key Item, White orb.
  • From there head to and touch the ponds at (H-10), (L-9), (E-8) and (H-6).
  • After obtaining the Crimson orb, return to the Wall of Banishing you were previously at in Davoi, (J-9).
  • Once inside Monastic Cavern, to get to the ???, stick to the west wall to avoid true-sight Notorious Monsters.
Davoi Map
Monastic Cavern
Monastic Cavern.jpg

Quadav Crest

  • Bring some form of Sneak (Invisible is not needed) for this.
  • This prevents The Afflictor from cursing you which inflicts a super gravity effect on you.
  • To reach the Quadav crest, proceed to Beadeaux (K-6) and enter the tunnel. Follow the path to (M-8) and enter Qulun Dome.
  • You are almost there, proceed through the door to the right after zoning. This requires the key items mentioned above.
You should be fine to run past if it is on the far side of the room.
  • Otherwise this NM is level 71-73 and will likely stomp you or take a long time with a party of trusts. So just zone instead.
  • Once inside the main room, hug the south wall to avoid several other true-sound NMs to reach the ??? spot and obtain the crest.
Beadeaux Map 1
Beadeaux Map 2
Qulun Dome Map
Qulun Dome-map.jpg

Yagudo Crest

Note: Lower level players may want to bring and use a Reraise item such as an Instant Reraise icon.png Instant Reraise.

  • Once again, either you or a player assisting you must have reached the Magicite mission in order to complete this as you need the Yagudo torch Key Item.
  • To reach the Yagudo crest Key Item, you must reach the fourth floor and drop down through the password door.
  • This password changes each game day so you may want to time this journey accordingly.
  • On the climb you will gain two of the passwords, guess the remaining one with the list below.

Floor one:

  • Check the password #1 in the room at (H-9) soon after entering.
  • Proceed to the Brass Door at (I-8)
  • Pull one of the levers and run back. There is a 50% chance you will trigger a trap door, but you may run away after hitting the handle and not fall.
  • Simply use the other handle after the floor raises back up if need be otherwise proceed.
  • Follow the stairs, at (J-8) you reach the next floor, Map 2.

Floor 2:

  • Head south to the fork in the path at (H-10) then make a right.
  • Follow the path to to the password #3 in the room at the north west corner of (I-8)
  • Head to the Brass Door at (G-8)
  • Play with the levers there in different combinations until the door opens.
  • After this door, monsters will now be more challenging to low level players and then dangerous by the fourth floor.
  • Follow the path to (G-9) and on to the next floor, Map 3.

Floor 3:

  • Follow the one way path of this floor, up the stairs to (H-11), and on to the last floor.
  • The leeches in the pool will aggro sound if you are only running with invisible for the Yagudos. So don't run in the pool.

Floor 4:

  • Once you reach this floor you must open the Brass Door at (H-7) by selecting and lighting one of the torches in the corner rooms at (G-7), (G-8), (H-7), or (H-8).
  • You will likely want Reraise on for this if you are lower level as you will need to run to the Brass Door before it closes.
  • A Thief may simply use Hide to deaggro the Yagudos.
  • Once inside you may safely raise back up if need be.
  • To proceed, you must input the password on the pedestal in front of you. If you followed thus far you only need to guess password two from the list below:
Possible passwords:
Domi Puqu Gadu Deggi Mjuu Xalmo
Haqa Mong Ouzi Duzu Buxu Quu
Misu Xicu Ovzi Duxo Zhuu
  • When you get the password right you will drop down and see a courtyard to the North, the ??? spot is on the first platform.
  • you must either be patient for it to move in the correct spot or aggro it.
  • The NM may also be slept. Having a Trust Tank hold it while you click the ??? and warp is also useful.
  • Speak to Maat once you have all three key items to complete the quest.
Castle Oztroja Map 1 (Floor 1)
Castle Oztroja-map1.jpg
Castle Oztroja Map 2 (Floor 2)
Castle Oztroja-map2.jpg
Castle Oztroja Map 3 (Floor 3)
Castle Oztroja-map3.jpg
Castle Oztroja Map 4 (Floor 4)
Castle Oztroja-map4.jpg

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