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Here's the list of other subjobs you may come across, need or use outside of the normal situation. Reffer back to the guide for the complete list of jobs and opinions.

Sub-Jobs for Other situations


This isn't as useful as I originaly thought. Some of the music can give you a 3HP/tick AoE Regen or 1MP/tick refresh, but it's kind of a headache to think about doing. Try being a little more selfish and use a Summoner sub when you want the refresh. Also, when subbing bard, the player may only keep one song going rather than two, with most spells providing little benifit due to lack of instruments. (Example, Valor Minuet gives a whooping 7 bonus Attack.)


Statisticaly it gives minor MP, Mind, VIT and one auto refresh. Working with this after a while pretty much sealed the idea that this is way better for soloing. My lack of ability to pull enmity as a White Mage basicly said that having defensive traits isn't worthwile. Hell, even Aerial Armor would be better, dispite it's cost.

Dark Knight

74WHM/37DRK. Stun. Strong attack bonuses also give you a more offensive White Mage. A Souleater Hexa Strike can be very impressive this way and is also the road to a quick, possibly ironic and quite funny death.


Turns a White Mage almost entirely on it's head. Provides STR, VIT and HP, Berserk, Double Attack, Attack Bonus, Defender and Defense Bonus. Equiped properly, a WHM/WAR can do some serious damage, though isn't used very often.


Offensive touch. Give you the ability to fight with your fists instaid of hammers. Up untill level 10, this sub-job can be a great help to grind out those few levels where you're mostly solo. Gives STR, HP and Mind so from a statistical point of view it's pretty good to have. This can also be used for comedy by equiping items such as Dune Boots and using hand to hand.


Primarily used in farming for Treasure Hunter. Gives extra Agility and Evasion Bonus in case you suddenly come under attack.


More comonly the other way around (Beastmaster/White Mage), the Charm ability can give you an extra bit of damage when you need it, though I belive charmability is based on Beastmaster level so the idea probably wouldn't work past 10 or so since you can't use jugs. Something I have learned is that with a 75BST as a subjob, you can decently charm some Even Match mobs with enough Charisma gear and use them to solo and whatever other purposes you'd need them for.


Provides a slight boost in DEX, AGI, INT, CHR. Avoid before 24. Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni provide a more reliable version of Blink and also allows the White Mage to shed enmity when the shadows dissapear. This can also give the White Mage a few free seconds to fire off another spell, such as Stoneskin or another cure. Due to low Ninjutsu magic skills the "Elemental Wheel" and Ninjutsu Enfeebles are almost useless to a White Mage. Dual Wield gives the White Mage two options to do with two weapons. The first being dual wielding wands. With a pair of Yew Wand +1s at 20 it provides a substantial +8 INT and MND though it's usualy not favored over the MP boost a diffferent sub-job can give. The second and more obvious one is dual wielding clubs, such as Seawolf Cudgel and Sea Robber Cudgel together. This sub job is very hard to play with for you lose a lot of MP and MND from it's choice.


Corsair is quite like bard, in the sense that you can add some good effects on your party. The biggest punch to this combonation is the Healer's Roll. While it's not as strong as a Corsair main, it can still add some HMP and is the only sub that is capable of doing so (I am unclear on the excact effects when this is subbed). The problem you get is that although you get EXP+ and ACC+ early on, you do not get MP and additional spells. Fun to play around with however.

Sub-Jobs That I don't Recomend


Most often used to skill up throwing with Sharpshot and possibly make use of Accuracy Bonus in attacking. Also used for wide scan when camping.


Another odd choice, usless untill level 70/35. High Jump provides a way to shed some enmity after a Cure Bomb. Otherwise, this sub has little viability besides variety.

Blue Mage

Not useful. Again this is like having a Black Mage sub and using elemental magic. As far as I know, most of the useful job traits from spells and the spells themselves are only available past 37.


This is about as useful as subbing Black Mage and using Elemental Magic or Summoner and using Pets as a form of DD. Since everything is half powered because it's based on the Puppetmaster's level it would hardly make a scratch and be a waste of a sub job. However, there is some use from this, not so much for the White Mage, but the Automaton itself. When you nail 10/20/30 Puppetmaster, you can upgrade the frame. If you choose either Sharpshot or Stormwalker, odds are they will have weak magic or ranged skill. When you sub the job, you can still use the Automaton and it will skill up, while you are your White Mage as opposed to your Puppetmaster. With new automation heads and one specializing in White Magic, there might be some merit to this sub, but I haven't a Level 40 Puppetmaster to try this out.


Out of every sub-job this is the one has got to be the worst. Third Eye is probably ok if you're under attack, but Store TP and Meditate as a sub job are hardly effective. With the addition of Seigan and Hasso, you now gimp yourself by using them with their additional effects of 50% longer cast and recast timers on magic. Your spells are the bread and butter of your job, not to mention the only two handed weapon we can use we have a poor skill rating in.

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