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Windurst Mission 1-1

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The Horutoto Ruins Experiment
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The minister of the Orastery in conducting an experiment in the eastern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins, located in East Sarutabaruta. Inquire at the Orastery first, then go assist him.
Previous Mission Next Mission
None The Heart of the Matter
Rank Points


  • Accept the mission from a gate guard, then head for the Orastery in Port Windurst. Speak to Hakkuru-Rinkuru for a cutscene.
  • Make your way to (J-7) in East Sarutabaruta.
  • Speak to Sama Gohjima and then enter the Inner Horutoto Ruins.
  • Inside, you'll be in the Lily Tower on Map 1. Go down the stairs in to the main room.
  • Run to the other side, and look for the Cracked Wall, around (H-9). Past the door, go left.
  • Check the Magical Gizmo at (I-9) for a cutscene with the Minister.
  • Now, head back out and check the six different Ancient Magical Gizmos until you are given the Cracked Mana Orb. It will be at a random Gizmo.
  • Head back to Hakkuru-Rinkuru and speak with him to finish the mission.

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