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Windurst Mission 2-2

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A Testing Time
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Assist the Aurastery's School of Magic in the selection of the venue for their next skills test. They want to record the number of monsters you can hunt at a specific area, in a set number of days, to fairly standardize their skills test.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Lost for Words The Three Kingdoms
Rank Points


  • This mission is not required.
  • Accept the mission from the gate guard.
  • Get whatever you'll need to fight for an hour. Consider bringing a method to warp back to Windurst.
  • Head to (L-6) in Windurst Waters and speak to Moreno-Toeno, who gives you the "Creature Counter" magic doll key item to keep track of your objective.
  • You will be sent off to Tahrongi Canyon. Make your way there quickly, as you are now on the clock. You have one game day (roughly one hour) to defeat at least 30 mobs.
  • Stick to the lower level monsters near the zone, as they are easier to defeat.
  • Upon defeating 30, head back to Moreno-Toeno. He will only allow you to finish the mission in the last game hour before a day is complete (If you accepted the mission at 06:00, he will only complete the mission if it is between 05:00 and 06:00 the next day).
  • You will fail this mission if you do not return on time or defeat enough monsters. You will, however, be allowed to progress to the next mission if you fill your rank bar via other means.
  • Note: Repeating this mission will send you to Buburimu Peninsula to defeat a larger number monsters, but with more time. Save your energy.