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Windurst Mission 3-1

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To Each His Own Right
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description On the command of Semih Lafihna, captain of the Sibyl Guards, you are requested to track down the Minister of the Orastery, Ajido-Marujido, and discover his true intentions. Inquire at the Orastery if you lose track of him.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Three Kingdoms Written in the Stars


Castle Oztroja
  • Head off for Castle Oztroja in Meriphataud Mountains. Consider triggering the quest Onion Rings at the same time, as it concludes in the same room you are going for this mission.
  • Enter and go to (I-8). There will be two switches and a fairly obvious floor panel. One switch will open the door, one will open the floor. Stand in between the two switches and check one. If it opens the door, check the other. They randomly switch, so it will never be the same, day by day. The person who is doing this mission must be the one to check the switch, as you will be receiving a cutscene, any helpers you have should stand back. Multiple people doing this quest may need to individually check the switch to drop down.
  • When you drop, you'll receive a cutscene. In the same room, there is a Blank Target, which is for the Onion Rings quest.
  • Make your way back to Heavens Tower in Windurst Walls and speak with Rhy Epocan to complete the mission.

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