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Windurst Mission 4-1

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Series None
Starting NPC Windurstian Embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens
Title Have Wings Will Fly
Repeatable No
Description Confiscate the three kinds of magicite in Davoi, Beadeaux, and Castle Oztroja to prevent the resurrection of the Shadow Lord.
Previous Mission Next Mission
A New Journey The Final Seal



  • This part of the Mission can be soloed but a group or high level help will make death less likely.
  • Make your way to Davoi.
  • Head to G-7. There will be 2 Orcs here. Kill them or sneak past them. Drop invisible and click on the Wall of Dark Arts. If you aggro the Orcs you can quickly run through the Wall to the zone a few feet ahead.
  • Inside there will not be any monsters. Walk down the path into a large room and inspect the Magicite for a Key Item.

Castle Oztroja

  • First get a map. These can be purchased for 3,000 Gil from Mhoji Roccoruh at G-9 in Port Windurst or Pehki Machumaht at H-11 in Windurst Woods.
  • This part of the Mission can be soloed but a group or high level help is highly recommended.
  • You will need both Silent Oils and Prism Powders.
  • There are areas of this zone where anyone under level 60 will still receive aggro.
  • Castle Oztroja is located at L-8 in Meriphataud Mountains.
  • Enter and head to the door at I-8. You will see a lever at either side of the door. One lever will open the door and the other will open a trap in the floor and cause you to fall into a pit. There is a very easy way to open this door.
    • Stand between the two levers in front of the door.
    • Select one of the levers
    • Click the lever and immediately run back. If it is the trapped lever there is some lag between when the lever is clicked and when the trap door opens. If the door opens run through, if the trap opens wait for it to close and then use the other lever.
    • The game is very picky about where you stand to hit the lever. You may have to move around a bit until you don't see the "Target is out of Range" message.
  • On the second floor, head to G-7 where you will exit into a courtyard.
  • On this map, head north (without falling off) to a door at I-7.
  • Here follow the right wall until you reach a door at H-9.
    • The mobs in this area are much higher level then the ones previously encountered.
  • At the door light the torch and you will be taken through.
  • Head South and take a right to another door. Click on the door to open it.
  • The zone is just beyond this door so run like hell if you have aggro.
  • Inside you will be in an area with no mobs. Click on the Magicite for another Key Item.


  • Mages will need Echo Drops for this area.
  • Everything in this area aggros sound, therefore only Sneak is necessary.
  • Set your Home Point in Jeuno and bring some form of Warp.
  • You will have to kill two NM in this zone so a full party or high level help is recommended.
  • A map for Beadeaux can be purchased for 3,000 gil from Karine at H-9 in Bastok Markets or Rex at J-7 in Port Bastok.
  • Enter Beadeaux from Pashhow Marshlands at L-11.
    • If you have a high level helper it is easier at this point to send them ahead to kill the NM's and then just lot the drops. If this is the case you can head back to Jeuno as soon as you have both items.
  • Follow the left wall to a tunnel at H-7.
  • Inside follow the right wall until you get to a Mute device. Click this device and it will silence you. This will allow you to pass the up coming Afflictor without being Cursed.
  • Head south after you have been silenced and then follow the tunnel west until you reach the exit at F-8.
  • Outside reapply silence at the mute in front of you and then head southwest to a ramp at E-10.
  • Once you are on the upper area turn right and go across the bridge. Follow this path across a second and a third bridge then remove your silence. Follow the right wall here until you reach H-9/10.
  • Here you will find De'Vyu Headhunter. He is a Warrior NM. He will drop the Quadav Charm.
  • Now turn around and head northeast back toward where you came from.
  • Follow the right wall now until you reach F-6.
  • Here you will find Go'Bhu Gascon. Another Warrior NM. He will drop the other required item, Quadav Augury Shell.
  • Head back to Jeuno.
  • Trade each item to Sattal-Mansal.
  • Return to Beadeaux. Head back to the tunnel at H-7 inside follow the left wall to zone into Qulun Dome.
  • There are no monsters in here. Check the Magicite for your last Key Item.
  • Make your way back to Jeuno.

Final Cut Scene

  • Go back to the Archduke's Chamber for a Cutscene and your reward.
  • Go back to Pakh Jatalfih at the Windurstian Emb for Rank up and gil.
  • The end of this mission will flag 5-1.

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